Looking back: ISR Sports Camp

Looking back: ISR Sports Camp 2022

Monday, 4 July 2022

We have yet another successful week of ISR Sports Camps behind us! As in the past, sports enthusiasts from Kindergarten to Grade 8 took part in the camp and had an eventful week focused on various sporting activities where the fun factor was guaranteed.

We started this year with a record number of 120 sport-loving children, who were divided into age-appropriate groups so that each group received a program tailored to their needs. Throughout the week, students were able to try their hand at a variety of physical activities and games such as tennis, taekwondo, fencing, field hockey, as well as Yoga, and Mindfulness, meaning our students had the chance to enjoy a plethora of activities both outdoors, and inside our spacious sports hall.  To top off the week, the students also got the chance to participate in several excursions, such as to a trampoline park, climbing halls, and much more.

As our sports teachers know the value of strong relationships, they began the week with a round of introductions so that all participants could make new friends. All groups harmonized excellently, and the participants enjoyed the time together as well as the various sports activities. We would like to thank our entire sports team for this unforgettable week and the time and effort they put into the preparations as well as the execution. We are already looking forward to another ISR Sports Camp next year!

Looking back: DFB-Junior-Coach-Program

Looking back: DFB-Junior-Coach-Program

Monday, 4 July 2022

In cooperation with the DFB and Commerzbank AG and under the guidance of Mr. Baumann, 14 students successfully participated in the DFB Junior Coach Program last week. This program, which paves the way for the students to pursue a career in coaching, has been offered for several years. We were particularly proud of the comparatively high proportion of female participants this year, as almost a third of the participants were female.

During their 40-hour training week, the students not only learned the theory of coaching but, after many hours on the sports field, gained practical knowledge as well. The training, which has been conducted at ISR for several years, paves the way for students to pursue careers as coaches.

All participants after completing the program received their certificates, which were presented by Daniela Schur, Komission Schule & Kita vom Fußballverband Niederrhein, and from Alexander Weckauf, representative from the Commerzbank.

We would like to thank all participants for this successful week. Everyone gave their best and put a lot of time and energy into the program – with great success. Mr. Baumann added,  “I am proud that I could again accompany and train 14 enthusiastic soccer students on their way this year. The relatively high proportion of female students (30%) was particularly pleasing, and I hope that even more will sign up next year. Congratulations – you’ve earned it!”.

Sport Cooperation_Nina Hemmer_ISR International School on the Rhine Düsseldorf Neuss Meerbusch

Sports cooperation! ISR supports German vice champion

Sports cooperation! ISR supports German vice champion

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Sport Cooperation_Nina Hemmer_ISR International School on the Rhine Düsseldorf Neuss Meerbusch
Sport Cooperation_Nina Hemmer_ISR International School on the Rhine Düsseldorf Neuss Meerbusch

We are especially pleased to share the following positive news regarding our successful cooperation partner Nina, the German Wrestling Vice World Champion: At the past Championships, which took place in Oslo, Nina was able to secure the silver medal for herself due to her outstanding performance, thus reaching an important milestone in her athletic career. In the European Championships in 2016 and 2017, as well as the European Games in 2019, Nina has already secured bronze in each tournament.

Within the framework of various sports cooperations, ISR has been supporting young athletes as well as clubs for many years in order to promote talent and further create added value for sport clubs. Nina has been one of our cooperation partners for a long time and already visited us in 2019 as part of our annual ISR Open House.

Therefore, we are even more pleased to share her success this year and to have accompanied her on her way to success.

Nina is further proof of our motto at ISR: It’s cool to be good!

A tradition continues - ISR student participated in the 24-hour Mammoth run in Wuppertal

A tradition continues – ISR student participated in the 24-hour Mammoth run in Wuppertal and donated his proceeds in the amount of 400€ to charity

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

For the second year in a row, Phillip, a twelfth grader at ISR, took on the Wuppertal 24-hour Mammoth run as part of his CAS project and exceeded all expectations. He improved his performance from the previous year and ran a proud 100 km through the whole of Wuppertal, Wülfrath, Velbert, Heiligenhaus, Essen, Hattingen and Sprockvögel in just under 24 hours. He donated the proceeds of 400 Euros, which consisted of 300 Euros from his run and 100 Euros from the ISR Charity Run, to the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow for charitable purposes. This continues the tradition already started by his brother Maximilian in 2019, and the local Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow has been a fixture for various charitable projects at ISR ever since.

Phillip himself is incredibly passionate about sports and for this reason repeatedly chose the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow, which supports people with disabilities in the field of sports and works to ensure that people with and without physical or mental disabilities play sports together. Burkhard Zülow, the founder of the foundation, set himself the goal at the time of breaking down inhibitions and instead promoting the idea that everyone has unique strengths.  The donation was successfully presented to Ms. Zülow by Philipp and his CAS teacher, Mr. Urban. Ms. Zülow was very impressed with the social commitment of our students and especially with Phillip’s outstanding running performance. We as a school are incredibly proud that our students are socially engaged and support local clubs and foundations in the process.

ISR has participated in the Tandem Day several times in the past, with ISR students chaperoning stations as well as offering creative stations of their own. We are very happy to be part of the next Tandem Day in 2022 and look forward to the joint projects with the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow, which will follow in the future.

Looking back: Our ISR Sports Camp 2021

Looking back: Our ISR Sports Camp 2021

Monday, 28 June 2021

Another exciting camp week came to an end at ISR on Friday last week. This year, our ISR Sports Camp had over 100 students registered to enjoy an eventful sports week!

The participants were divided into age-appropriate groups and were able to enjoy tailor-made sports programs that suit their age and agility. In addition to the various sports activities both on the ISR campus as well as the ISR outdoor sports facility, students visited the tennis facility across the street and a went on a number of local excursions. A few highlights included visits from the hip-hop instructor, a capoeira coach for our kindergarten children, Australian football, trampoline jumping, kayaking and much more.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the entire ISR Sports Team, the students participated in sports that helped foster sportsmanship and creativity, thus making this week one for them to cherish. The students demonstrated outstanding team spirit and athletic talent during our camp week.

We would like to thank our entire ISR team, especially the sports department, without whom,  this year’s sports camp would not have been possible. We eagerly anticipate next year’s sports camp!

ISR Virtual Charity Run

ISR Virtual Charity Run

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

An important part of the core value system and school life at ISR is that our students are socially engaged and involved in their communities. Even in the days of COVID-19, our students did not want to break with this important component and continue to support  and aid organizations of their choice. Therefore, our SLOⓇ Health & Sports Department came up with the idea to organize an ISR Charity Run despite COVID-19 – and do this virtually!

The virtual Charity Run will take place between 20th – 22nd November and is open for all students, parents, siblings, and staff at ISR to participate in. All donations will proceed to SOS Kinderdorf e.V., a renowned charity organization, which commits to enabling positive living conditions for disadvantaged young people and their families at 240 locations all across Germany. In times of Corona, they have set up a special program to support children and their families who have various needs during this time.

How can I participate?

This run will be a virtual charity run, in which everyone, who is willing to participate runs at home, either in their local park, neighbourhood, along the Rhine, or wherever you like.

If you would like to be part of the charity run, we kindly ask you to fill out the sign-up sheet until 19th November. The sheet lists several basic questions, such as name, grade, and the distance you wish to run.


How can I support this good cause?

For every 100 meters, 10 cents will be donated to the charity organization. Individually, every person can specify the distance they want to run (or walk), and consequently donate the specific amount.

Example: If you decide to run 2 kilometres, you will donate 2 Euros and if you run 6.7 kilometres, you donate 6 euros and 70 cents. If you are willing to donate more than the minimum amount of 10 cents per 100 meters, there is a specific field on the sign-up sheet where you can add this information.

You can contribute your donation before or after you run, as we will be collecting the donations until Friday, 4th December.

Please bring your donation in exact change to the SLOⓇ office.

Fill out the sign-up sheet and help support the charity organization SOS Kinderdorf e.V.! The run offers a wonderful opportunity to be active and do something good at the same time.

We look forward to a many participations and thank you all for your support in advance!

Special Information for Grades:

Grades 1-4: the grade with the most participating students wins a movie session with popcorn

Grades 5-8: the grade with the most participants wins a movie session with popcorn as well

Grades 9-12: a recognition board will be displayed in school listing the students who ran the top 10 longest distances

Grades 11-12: participating in the run counts as CAS (only with photographic evidence)

ISR Autumn Art Camp

ISR Autumn Art Camp

Monday, 19 October 2020

Last week our ISR Autumn Art Camp was successfully held with a limited number of students. Bettina Schulenberg, a parent at ISR, prepared a week filled with creative ideas and lots of fun for our ISR students.

Each day, our students immersed themselves deeply in the art world and had the opportunity to try their hands at different art techniques. This included canvas painting, wood, and other objects, as well as carving pumpkins according to the season.

The daily program included having lunch together, which gave everyone an opportunity to share thoughts about the previous day, what they enjoyed working on and what they are excited to try to do.

The students also enjoyed a pleasant picnic in the schoolyard, where they ate sushi, fruit salad and freshly baked cookies together while listening to inspiring music. Ms. Schulenberg ensured that there was variety to the week, creative games were played and everyone had great fun.

The week ended with a fantastic exhibition of the students’ work. Together they proudly displayed their works. All the students that it was a refreshing week, and we hope for as much success at the next ISR Art Camp.

We would like to thank Mrs. Schulenberg for this exciting week!

ISR Sports & Fun Autumn Camp

ISR Sports & Fun Autumn Camp

Monday, 19 October 2020

During the Autumn Break, the ISR Sports & Fun Camp was successfully held for the first time with a limited number of ISR students. We look back on a week filled with a diverse sports program where fun was certainty had.

The camp was led by Mr. Mo and Mr. Jeff, who planned different sports activities for the students each day. These included tricky obstacle courses that tested the students’ sense of balance and dexterity. Their daily routine included having lunch together, during which the students were treated to delicious lunches by our in-house caterer Broich Catering.

The highlight of the week was the group visit to the trampoline park Jump Galaxy in Düsseldorf last Wednesday. Besides having fun jumping on the trampoline, the students enjoyed going up and down the many different climbing walls. The group had lunch there and afterward continued having a day full of fun. It was a very eventful week for our students! Thank you to our star staff Mr. Mo and Mr. Jeff for planning such an exciting week for the students!

ISR student took part in the 24 hour Mammut Run and raised 350€ for the charity organization

ISR student took part in the 24 hour Mammut Run and raised 350€ for the charity organization

Monday, 21 September 2020

Continuing the CAS Project “Wheels for Wheels” started by his older brother and a friend, our Grade 11 ISR student Philipp took part in the 24 hour Mammut Run in Wuppertal and raised 350€ for the charity organization!

The Mammut Run has been an integral part of the City of Wuppertal for many years and participants run through the cities of Wuppertal, Wülfrath, Velbert, Heiligenhaus, Essen, Hattingen, Sprockhövel with the run ending back in Wuppertal. Philipp prepared for the run for several weeks and did an outstanding job. All in all, he was able to raise 350€ for a good cause, which benefited the Tandem Stiftung Burkhard Zülow of Gut Zülow.

The Tandem Stiftung Burkhard Zülow is committed to supporting sporting people with disabilities. Burkhard Zülow, the founder of the foundation, thought that it is particularly important to break down stigmas surrounding disabilities, and instead promotes the idea that every person has unique strengths.

The donation was handed over to Ms. Zülow today by Philipp and the CAS Coordinator, Mr Urban. Ms. Zülow was very impressed by the social commitment of our students and was very grateful for the 350 EUR donation which will be used to buy new Judo suits. We are very proud to have students that are socially engaged and support different projects all over the world.

Mindful Motorik Movement in our Kindergarten

Mindful Motorik Movement in our Kindergarten

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Thanks to our professional ISR sports team, Ms. Schierl and Mr. Baumann, we began our morning in a very sporty manner at ISR Kindergarten Düsseldorf Niederkassel today!

At ISR, we place great emphasis on physical education, and we introduce this to our kindergarten children with regular Mindful Motorik Movement and sports classes to keep the children fit, energized, and healthy.

The students really enjoyed the session, and we would like to thank our team for stopping by at our new branch in Düsseldorf!