Advisory Board of ISR

The advisory board at ISR is a fundamental cornerstone to our past and future success. They act as our sounding board and help guide ISR through important strategic decisions.

The advisory board is made up of parent representatives and leaders from local businesses and the surrounding community. Together, they bring in their wide range of experiences, expertise, and networks to benefit and support ISR.

Members are personally invited to join the advisory board and there is no limit to the number of members. The current advisory board is made up of Mr. Wilhelm Fuchs (chairman), Michael Eichler, Thomas Nickel, Dr. Dieter Porschen, Dr. Jürgen Schröder, and Dr. Alexander Schröder-Frerkes. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with such a well-rounded group of individuals who bring in different skills from the outside and also from a parental perspective. With open communication and honesty, we achieve full transparency in all of our operations to make the right decisions for our students.

We cannot thank them enough for their positive contribution and look forward to many more successful years of corporative teamwork to come.

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