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Since 2017, ISR International School on the Rhine and the adjoining sports club, Polizeisportverein Neuss have been in close cooperation, which brings numerous benefits for the students of ISR. In the future, the cooperation is to be expanded even further.

PSV Neuss 1961 e.V. is a sports club that can look back on a long tradition in Neuss. The club is located on the opposite side of ISR, at the Stadtwald district sports facility. It offers a variety of sports, including soccer, track and field, jujutsu, triple-alpha combat, boules, and self-defense, which can be enjoyed by interested ISR students as well as interested athletes from the region.

Peter Soliman, the proprietor of ISR, is also the second chairman of PSV Neuss 1961 e.V. The first impact of the cooperation became apparent in 2019 in the form of a new artificial turf pitch on the PSV grounds, which provides ISR’s soccer teams with better training facilities and enables them to further develop their skills. Furthermore, a new boules court was provided, and many other projects are planned on the PSV grounds, such as the construction of a new synthetic track for athletics training.

Many Student Extracurricular Activities take place on the PSV pitch, which has contributed in no small part to the professionalization of the activities. Qualified PSV coaches lead the soccer SEA activity for grades 1 and 2.

By participating in various competitions, our teams, and members can actively demonstrate their skills. By registering with PSV, the possibility arises, for example, to become a member of a soccer team and to compete in weekend league tournaments. Club members can also compete against athletes from other clubs in track and field events. Participation in these competitions promotes the personal development of the children and supports the improvement of performance in the respective sport. Since PSV is located directly across from ISR and the training sessions accordingly take place across the street from the school building, the commute to training involves very little effort. Another advantage of physical proximity is the simplification of communication between students, parents, coaches, and trainers.

In addition to the sporting activities, special holidays also play an important role. Among other things, festive Christmas parties are held on the PSV pitch with sausages, waffles, and mulled wine or children’s punch, which are gladly attended by ISR Families and other club members.

PSV is always open to new members and the expansion of its sports community. All children as well as parents are welcome!

The registration for PSV can be found here:

Please find more information about the PSV here.

Current news about the soccer teams can be accessed here.

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