What Sets Us Apart

"It is cool to excel summarizes the ethos of ISR. Whether it is in academia, sports, or music, giving your best, while still being humble is something we try to instill in every student”

— Eileen Lyons, School Director

ISR Calendar of Memories 2023

The calendar contains 12 doors, which represent the 12 months of the year. Hidden behind the doors are memories from the respective months and exciting quiz questions. If you answer these questions correctly, you have the chance to win a surprise every day.

The doors open one by one starting December 10th.

Student Spotlight #262

Spotlight On Our Student Pelu

This week, we are proud to spotlight our eighth grader Pelu.

Pelu joined ISR in 2021 and has made an excellent impression on his teachers since then. He is a well-rounded student who demonstrates poise in his approach to his studies. His mathematics instructor, Mr. Nisic, nominated Pelu and says, “Pelu has been in my class for the past two years, and I have seen him make constant progress, especially in his math scores. Pelu not only excels academically but also demonstrates great character. He is dedicated to both his football training and his studies, managing to balance his extracurricular activities and academic responsibilities admirably. Pelu is a good friend to his classmates and contributes positively to the class environment. I believe he truly deserves this recognition.”

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ISR Team Tuesday #39

Our team is our strength! That’s why we would like to introduce you to our ISR TEAM TUESDAY project! Every first Tuesday of the new month, we will introduce you to one of our outstanding team members with a short video letting them answer different questions. Have fun watching!

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We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters

At ISR, our goal is to provide your child with the best possible support on their journey to a university of their choice, whether in Europe, America, Asia, or elsewhere around the world. To achieve this, we have three full-time University & Career Counselors who advise our students on their choice of studies and careers, as well as on the selection of appropriate universities and courses. We encourage and strongly believe in active parental involvement in this important decision-making process, as we understand how crucial it is for the school and families to work as partners to ensure a successful outcome for our students. Furthermore, we place significant emphasis on offering practical work experience through internships, made possible through our numerous dedicated corporate and cooperative partners.

A key component of the ISR curriculum is the Student Leadership Council (SLC). In the SLC, students gain invaluable organizational and leadership skills. Different teams within the SLC are responsible for specific tasks, with each team member taking on a particular role and responsibility. The SLC provides an excellent platform for learning and developing social skills.

Approximately one-third of this year’s graduating class began their educational journey at ISR in kindergarten or primary school. This above-average length of stay at an international school leads to lasting friendships, strong relationships with our staff, and a sense of community that we are very proud of at ISR. We hold the belief that imparting fundamental values during the early years is crucial. Hence, our motto at ISR is: “It’s cool to be good!

ISR boasts a spacious campus with state-of-the-art facilities, including several well-equipped science labs, IT rooms with access to a 3D printer and virtual reality glasses, and a fitness center available to students and staff.

“ISR stands out as an educational institution that provides excellent service. We expect our students to work diligently, stay engaged, and always do their best.” – Peter Soliman – ISR Proprietor

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