What Sets Us Apart

"It is cool to excel summarizes the ethos of ISR. Whether it is in academia, sports, or music, giving your best, while still being humble is something we try to instil in every student”

— Eileen Lyons, School Director

Student Spotlight #102

Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Tom

This week, we spotlight our sports-loving eleventh grader Tom, who has been part of the ISR community since last year.

Tom moved to ISR from a German school and had to get used to a completely different school system in Grade 10. Last year he showed a lot of ambition and worked impressively through the change of school. His academic coordinator, Ms. McGee, still has fond memories of Tom’s start of school and confirms that he invested a lot of time, especially in the early months, to make the change of school a success.

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ISR Team Tuesday #6

Our team is our strength! That’s why we would like to introduce you to our  ISR TEAM TUESDAY project! Every first Tuesday of the new month we will introduce you to one of our outstanding team members with a short video letting them answer different questions. Have fun watching!

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Examples of University Offers 2019/2020

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We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters

ISR prides itself on preparing the students for their future path. Two full time staff members counsel students on career options and corresponding course selections. Parents are also deeply involved in this process. ISR strongly believes in internships as one of the best ways for students to get a real feel for career options.

The students learn organizational and leadership skills as part of their experience in the “Student Life Organization” (SLO®) provides a platform that empowers roughly 100 students with leadership, teambuilding, and organizational skills.

50% of last year’s graduating class 2020 started at ISR in Kindergarten, hence, there is tremendous importance of instilling values that are essential for life at an early age.

The leadership team deeply believes in: respecting the performance of others, understanding and respecting different cultures, honesty, integrity, responsibility, sincerity, and the value of logical thinking mixed with a touch of “gut feel”- trusting your instincts.

Lastly, ISR offers state of the art infrastructure. Several well equipped science labs, IT-Labs with access to a 3D printer and Virtual Reality goggles, and a fitness center are all available to the students. ISR is a five star service educational provider and we expect our students to work hard, engage, and simply do their best.

ISR International School on the Rhine

International High School near Düsseldorf

ISR – The International School on the Rhine is one of several private schools in Germany. International schools in Germany often offers an IB Curriculum, and so does ISR. In fact our International Baccalaureate Program has a résumé of scores well above average compared to other international schools in Germany and other international schools in Düsseldorf.

Please contact us for a personal visit if you would like to know more about ISR, the international school Neuss. If you are looking for international teaching jobs in Germany please visit our careers page for further information. Maybe your next career is at a high school in Germany!

The ISR International School on the Rhine

The ISR International School on the Rhine near Düsseldorf is an English-speaking private high school. The international school is located in ​​North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) in the area of Neuss, Düsseldorf, Meerbusch and Cologne. For our youngest students we offer a private preschool, which is then followed by our English-speaking elementary school otherwise known as primary school. Afterwards, the students proceed to attend our international high school. Students have the opportunity to earn the internationally recognized diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB). However, they can also achieve an ISR High School Diploma. Graduates of ISR have excellent grades. 50% of our students from the class of 2019 started at ISR already in the international Kindergarten. This shows an above-average length of stay at our private school.

Two full-time university counselors support our students in grades 9-12 in their course and university selection during their international school education. The teachers prepare each student individually for a successful future career. This means that the education of the children also varies. We pride ourselves in making sure every single student goes as far as he or she can.

ISR also offer a “Student Life Organization” (SLO®) at our international private school. There, the students have the opportunity to gain their first leadership and organizational skills. The learning experiences are supported during their school career by our state-of-the-art infrastructure. The ISR International School on the Rhine is a very well equipped private school. It offers modern science rooms as well as computer rooms with a 3D printer and a virtual reality area. We also have a sports and fitness area and a library.

Additional information about out international school and international Kindergarten

Are you interested in the ISR International School on the Rhine Neuss Düsseldorf? Please contact us personally. The international school accepts applications all year round. ISR offers many opportunities to get to know us. Feel free to visit our open house. We are always looking forward to new families. We are happy to meet you and your family.

ISR – „It is cool to be good!“