Looking back: DFB-Junior-Coach-Program

Monday, 4 July 2022

In cooperation with the DFB and Commerzbank AG and under the guidance of Mr. Baumann, 14 students successfully participated in the DFB Junior Coach Program last week. This program, which paves the way for the students to pursue a career in coaching, has been offered for several years. We were particularly proud of the comparatively high proportion of female participants this year, as almost a third of the participants were female.

During their 40-hour training week, the students not only learned the theory of coaching but, after many hours on the sports field, gained practical knowledge as well. The training, which has been conducted at ISR for several years, paves the way for students to pursue careers as coaches.

All participants after completing the program received their certificates, which were presented by Daniela Schur, Komission Schule & Kita vom Fußballverband Niederrhein, and from Alexander Weckauf, representative from the Commerzbank.

We would like to thank all participants for this successful week. Everyone gave their best and put a lot of time and energy into the program – with great success. Mr. Baumann added,  “I am proud that I could again accompany and train 14 enthusiastic soccer students on their way this year. The relatively high proportion of female students (30%) was particularly pleasing, and I hope that even more will sign up next year. Congratulations – you’ve earned it!”.