Student Leadership Council

In addition to academic learning at ISR, there are a lot of other fun ways students can get involved with our school and develop their interests. SLC is ISR Student Leadership Council at ISR.

SLC is a distinctive and integral part of ISR because it gives students the opportunity to develop “life” skills that empower them to make a substantial commitment, not only to their own personal development but also to that of the ISR community.

SLC is formed by teams of students who work with their departments to promote positive interactions as well as a sense of community. In addition, our afternoon SEA activities offer students the opportunity to discover interests and talents. These activities are led by external partners as well as ISR students, teachers, and families.

SLC – Engaging our students with the school community.

– The Departments

The Student Leadership Council consists of eight different departments for which student trustees are responsible. Students help organize events, including, for example, charity events, recreational activities, school events, and more. For example, our dedicated Physical Health Department helps organize ISR Family Fun & Sports Day – a family sporting event for the ISR community. Children from kindergarten through 4th grade can volunteer to participate in activities. Starting in 5th grade, daily participation in an activity is mandatory during the 9th hour of class.


Just stop by the SLC office and talk to us!


Below are some examples of the scope of responsibilities of SLC at ISR:

  • Tutoring fellow students
  • Planning events
  • Discipline in the classroom
  • Discipline in the indoor and outdoor areas
  • Prevention of bullying
  • Sporting events
  • Healthy food
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Mentors for new students
  • Recruitment of new helpers
  • Social initiatives
  • Environmentally friendly initiatives
  • Involvement in the local community

Students take on responsibility

We encourage our students to lead activities for their peers or even younger students as early as 6th grade in order to…

  • Gain valuable life experience and leadership skills
  • Develop organizational skills and emotional intelligence
  • To give students the opportunity to plan a long-term project
  • To teach students how to interact with others
  • To work together to create a positive school atmosphere
  • To teach students to accept challenges while learning from their mistakes
  • To strengthen social skills

Additionally, there are opportunities for our students to take on leadership positions within the school. For example, they may be recommended for a position as an SLC student leader (prefect) or as a leader of a team. In these positions, students learn how to organize themselves and others, as well as how to motivate others. As a member of SLC, children, and teens can also participate in weekend training and team-building activities. The skills learned will be of great value not only later in their school career, but also later in life.

ISR’s many additional offerings provide our children with a variety of opportunities to develop personally, exercise talents, and enjoy the school community.

Student Extracurricular Activities (SEA) – our activity program for students.

— Sports, music, art … and more!

Our students have the opportunity to join ISR teams in a wide variety of sports and participate in regional and national competitions. For example, there is a close partnership with the PSV Neuss soccer club, which trains at the district sports facility belonging to ISR. In addition, ISR sports teams regularly participate in tournaments in the region and represent ISR locally!

Musically inclined children will appreciate the high-quality music program and talented and dedicated teaching staff. We have a wide variety of instruments available for our students to use. In addition, private music lessons are offered in cooperation with a local music school. Children are able to showcase their talents to the ISR community at two major concerts per year and other performances.

Artistically minded children have a lot of fun in our art program. Here they can experiment with various artistic forms, colors, and techniques. The numerous works of art are regularly exhibited within the school building and also presented at various events, such as the ISR International Spring Festival, ISR Open House, and ISR Family Fun & Sports Day.

Over 90 Fun Activities!

We offer more than 90 different activities by students, teachers, parents, and outside instructors which give our students the chance to explore their talents and broaden their knowledge, such as:

Art Workshop, Athletics, Badminton, Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Chess, Chinese / Japanese / Persian / Turkish / Spanish, Circuits, Choir, Crafts, Drama, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Instrumental Sessions, KUMON / Math Club, Orchestra, Racket Sports, Reading Clubs, Rock Band, Running, Volleyball, Capoeira, Fencing, Tennis, Kung Fu, and more.

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