ISR Tuition Fees

All daily operations, activities, and investments are funded from tuition fees with the sole purpose of providing an excellent education for our students.

ISR continues to maintain a strong financial position and healthy balance sheet. ISR is 100% financed by the tuition fees – no funds from public budgets are involved. As a privately financed educational institution, the kindergarten and school fees at ISR vary by grade level.

To determine the costs that are relevant to you, please fill out our applicant’s questionnaire:

Download Applicants Questionnaire

Please note that the kindergarten fees for our Düsseldorf branch differ from the fees charged in Neuss. If you are interested in the fees for the ISR Kindergarten in Düsseldorf Niederkassel, please send an e-mail to

Malin Ljungqvist


+49 (0)2131 40388-11

Isabel Reimann


+49 (0)2131 40388-15