Primary School Curriculum

The Cambridge International School curriculum is the cornerstone of our educational approach at ISR. Through this well-founded curriculum and our highly qualified teachers from around the world, we prepare our students in the best possible way for their preferred universities and a successful future. The Cambridge Pathway is a reliable guide, ensuring that our students achieve academic excellence through a carefully structured curriculum. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the comprehensiveness of the subjects we offer and our structured teaching method. The Cambridge curriculum is a powerful tool for igniting in students a deep-rooted passion for learning and knowledge.

Academic objectives include providing a well-rounded education based on mastering skills in English, mathematics, and German. Science, social studies, and computing are integrated into the curriculum as of Grade 2.

The ISR primary program balances academic development with social, physical, and emotional maturation. Weekly classes in art, library, music, computing, and physical education round out the curriculum.  Student talent is showcased throughout the year through art exhibitions, musical concerts and numerous sporting events.


ISR Reading Program

The ISR Reading Program is used to aid students in gaining fluency and confidence in reading. Starting in grade 1 English class, students read a class reader each of the three-term and are continually assessed in comprehension.

The foundation for language development is a central focus of the ISR Primary School. The English program develops the following skills:

  • Decoding language from the printed word (phonics)
  • Comprehending what is read
  • Developing an ever-expanding vocabulary
  • Reading from multi-cultural literary sources

The objectives in English are to instill a lifelong love of reading and to develop effective oral and writing skills. Additionally, we strive for a mastery of grammatical structure, correct spelling, confident skills of expression, and good penmanship.

The language program expands students’ ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through theme work, as well as encourages them to contribute actively to class discussion. Accordingly, songs, poems, stories, and pictures are used to help stimulate imagination and spark curiosity.

The program is used to teach students letter shape and formation and phonetic sound recognition.

Our Approach to Digitalization in Class

At ISR, we firmly believe that technology has an essential role in the classroom when used responsibly. We believe that technology is a valuable tool to complement rather than substitute teaching. While we emphasize the importance of handwriting skills, we also strive to provide classroom-based opportunities for children to embrace and explore the benefits of technological advancements such as AI, Virtual Reality, and Programming.

Computing Curriculum

In our Primary School, we have developed a comprehensive Computing Curriculum that ensures our students engage with technology early and safely. Digital safety is a vital topic that is thoroughly discussed and taught across all primary grades. Our students use computers to create and store digital content, develop problem-solving skills, and work with software to enhance their English, Math, Science, and Art abilities.

Students are introduced to algorithms through the use of beginner programs like Beebot.

Students learn their first basic programming skills working with Purplemash. This is a cross-curricular website for primary school children, enabling them to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. It is cloud-based and delivers an exciting mixture of curriculum-focused activities, creative tools, programs, and games.

Students start practicing their typing skills, creating animations, and learning to use 2Code (Purplemash) and Scratch to develop simple programs. Scratch is an educational visual programming language for children that works with Microsoft Word and employs 2Design and Make to create innovative projects. From Grade 3, students have the opportunity to start using VR goggles in class, which provides valuable support across various subjects.

Our students solidify their developed skills and learn how to use PowerPoint effectively. They also use 2Logo to enhance their programming abilities and design, as well as practice safe web searching techniques. Students continue to use VR goggles during class in Grade 4.

Parent Workshops

To foster responsible engagement with technology, our dedicated team of student counselors and IT teachers offer workshops for parents. These workshops are designed to promote and enhance a safe and informed approach to using technology, both within and beyond the classroom.


The German program in the ISR Primary School is a two-track system, including German for mother-tongue speakers and German as a foreign language. Both tracks provide the students with a solid background in grammatical structures, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills and reinforce the ISR language and Math by teaching colors, numbers, letters, reading skills, and sounds.

The German language is required for students at all grade levels. Students new to Germany and the German language are typically able to function well in the language after several years in the ISR German program.

For both German and international students, celebrating German traditions is important to understand the culture in which they live. The program teaches traditional songs, rhymes, and games as an authentic context for discovering and appreciating German culture and customs.

Antolin Reading Program in German

Antolin is a German reading comprehension program used also locally in the German school system. The Antolin books can be checked out of the ISR library and the Antolin comprehension quiz can be taken online.


In addition to the English and German languages, mathematics is the main focus of the ISR primary curriculum.

Math ISR provides a challenging program that involves reinforcement in subsequent years. The objective of the math program is to help students attain an understanding of mathematical concepts and master computational skills and problem-solving techniques that will enable them to understand the more abstract concepts in Middle and Upper School.

Students’ excitement in applying their mathematical skills comes as they learn how to tell time and solve mathematical word problems. The ultimate goal of teaching mathematics is to help students develop an ability for mathematical thinking and an appreciation of the power and use of math.


Beginning in Grade 1 and continuing throughout the next five grade levels, the Science program at ISR offers children varied opportunities to become involved with basic scientific concepts, process-oriented techniques, and challenging problems for investigation. There are two major components: a physical sequence, guiding students through an examination of the physical world, and a life sequence, focusing on the biological world.

With a focus on Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space, primary students continue to develop a deep understanding and awareness of the world around them. In the Life Science unit, students come to comprehend the different systems and functions in their own bodies. Additionally, a focus on interactions in ecosystems and the life cycles of animals allows students to explore the world outside the classroom walls.

Physical Science opens up students’ minds to the different forms of energy that surround us each day. From electrical energy to thermal energy to chemical energy, students grasp an understanding of how energy can be both useful and harmful to human beings. The Physical Science unit also explores the states of matter, as well as physical and chemical changes associated with matter.

Lastly, Earth and Space explore natural resources on Earth, the water and rock cycle, as well as motions in the sky and our Solar System.

Social Studies

Starting in Grade 2, students learn about what is most familiar to themselves, their families, and their communities. As their environments expand, studies include geography and world history with local German content. Map and globe skills, the use of charts and graphs, chronology, critical thinking, and research are some components in our integrated skills approach to social studies.

Social studies’ curriculum in Grade 3 provides students with basic skills of reading maps, and charts, and using directions terms. It also introduces Egypt as one of the ancient cultures of history. Students explore how Egyptian society came into existence. Children have so much fun making projects to display every year on Family Fun Day in the Museum of Ancient Civilization.


Grade 1–10 students have a weekly advising lesson, which focuses on developing students’ social competencies. In Primary School, advising topics, such as developing healthy habits and being a good friend, are discussed.


Primary students visit the library weekly, where they listen to stories, read books, take AR (Accelerated Reader) computer quizzes and check out books for the following week. Families may also visit the library and check out books on certain days.

IT (Information Technology)

Students start IT lessons already in the lower Grades, which gives them a strong foundation for using the computer in the upper grades to conduct research and write reports.

Schüler der Internationalen Schule mit Virtual Reality Brille im IT Unterricht

Sports, Music & Art

Sports, Music and Art are an important part of developing a child’s social and emotional skills in the first years. To see learn more about which each department offers, please see the Sports, Music and Art sections of the website.

Sports, Music & Art

Sports, Music and Art are an important part of developing a child’s social and emotional skills in the first years. To see learn more about which each department offers, please see the Sports, Music and Art sections of the website.

Junior School Council (JSC)

Starting in academic year 23/24 we will have a junior school council (JSC) in Primary. Junior School Council plays an important role in giving voice in representing each and every one of our students. Through the JSC, students are actively encouraged in decision-making, empowered to make change and provided with opportunities to demonstrate good leadership and citizenship skills.

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ISR International School on the Rhine

Our school: ISR International School on the Rhine Neuss/Düsseldorf

ISR International School on the Rhine is located in the Neuss, Düsseldorf, and Meerbusch areas. The international school is an English-speaking private school. The private school in Neuss includes an international Kindergarten, an international primary school, and an international high school up to the twelfth grade. ISR has opened a second international Kindergarten in Düsseldorf-Niederkassel and a German-speaking Kindergarten in Meerbusch-Büderich. Students graduate from the international school with an internationally recognized degree, the International Baccalaureate (IB), or with the ISR High School Diploma. Our graduates of ISR international school on the Rhine achieve outstanding grades every year. The goal of the international school is to provide individual support for the children and to prepare them for a successful professional future. ISR near Düsseldorf is characterized by excellent teaching staff and state-of-the-art equipment in all teaching and classrooms. The educators design their lessons with different methodical means to promote the abilities of the students and young people. Together with the parents, they are responsible for the education and development of each child. The ISR International School on the Rhine can be reached in a few minutes from Düsseldorf and Meerbusch. All ISR branches educate more than 1100 students from 60 different nations. The teachers come from over 40 different countries.

The Primary School Curriculum

The international school has a demanding teaching concept. ISR Primary School promotes academic and personal development. The curriculum in the first grade consists of English, German, and mathematics. From the second grade onwards, natural sciences, social studies, and IT lessons are added. The central focus of the ISR is basic language development. The international school promotes text and reading comprehension, the language of the written word, vocabulary, and the reading of literary sources. The ISR German Program is divided into two sections. There is one program for native speakers and another for students with German as a foreign language. German is compulsory for all students at the international school near Düsseldorf. Mathematics is a central aspect of the curriculum at ISR. The natural sciences are divided into two areas. There is a physical sequence”; which covers the fields of physics and chemistry. The “life sequence”; focuses on the subject of biology. ISR Neuss teaches the basic knowledge of reading maps and diagrams with the social studies course. Primary school children visit the library once a week. In the IT subject, students at ISR near Düsseldorf learn how to interact with computers and tablets, and how such technology can be used positively for schoolwork. The international school near Düsseldorf promotes the academic, social, physical, and emotional maturity of its students. The international school near Düsseldorf promotes the individual strengths of the students and exploits the potential of each student. Teachers place great emphasis on homework and other schoolwork. These are intended to promote and expand the level of knowledge of pupils.

Additional Information about our International School –  Teachers and Kindergarten

Are you interested in ISR International School on the Rhine? Please get in touch with us. You will find all our contact details on our website. Applications are accepted all year round. You are welcome to visit us on our Open Day or an Info Day. We organize many events throughout the school year to which you are cordially invited. The international school near Düsseldorf is open to new members. We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

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