Looking back: Our ISR Sports Camp 2021

Monday, 28 June 2021

Another exciting camp week came to an end at ISR on Friday last week. This year, our ISR Sports Camp had over 100 students registered to enjoy an eventful sports week!

The participants were divided into age-appropriate groups and were able to enjoy tailor-made sports programs that suit their age and agility. In addition to the various sports activities both on the ISR campus as well as the ISR outdoor sports facility, students visited the tennis facility across the street and a went on a number of local excursions. A few highlights included visits from the hip-hop instructor, a capoeira coach for our kindergarten children, Australian football, trampoline jumping, kayaking and much more.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the entire ISR Sports Team, the students participated in sports that helped foster sportsmanship and creativity, thus making this week one for them to cherish. The students demonstrated outstanding team spirit and athletic talent during our camp week.

We would like to thank our entire ISR team, especially the sports department, without whom,  this year’s sports camp would not have been possible. We eagerly anticipate next year’s sports camp!