Our News Page gives you a first-hand look at many exciting events and happenings at ISR. Every year we look back on a richly filled school year; consisting of unique memories that we are happy to share with you!

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ISR International School on the Rhine

Our international school near Düsseldorf

The ISR International School on the Rhine is located in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Neuss, Düsseldorf, Meerbusch and Cologne. The international school is an English-speaking private high school. The private school has an international Kindergarten, an international primary school, followed by an international middle school and an international high school up to the twelfth grade. The students acquire a diploma recognized in Germany and internationally such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), or other degrees. Our graduates have a track record of excellent grades. Our outstanding teachers come from all over the world and individually coach each student. The teachers all use different methods in the different subjects to fit the need of their students. At ISR we pride ourselves to bring out the greatest potential of each of our students. However, at ISR we do not only educate our students academically, but we also educate our children to become self-reliant and responsible people. The goal of our international school in Neuss is to prepare the students for success both academically and in life. Due to the state-of-the-art equipment in school and classrooms our students like to learn. The students have a good bond with all of our teachers. ISR graduates attend the best universities in the world and have broad career prospects. Currently about 1000 students attend the international school near Düsseldorf and the children come from 52 different nations.

News & Events from our international school

The ISR International School on the Rhine is characterized by many different activities and events during the school year. An important event is for example the Family Fun & Sports Day. The ISR International School on the Rhine near Dusseldorf is very proud of its sporty ISR community. Many well-known companies such as Henkel, Ericsson, Deutsche Bank also visit the international school to connect with our students. The ISR Summer School at the International School campus is also a popular event. The ISR International School on the Rhine near Düsseldorf also hosts a Spring Festival and an Open House every year. In addition, we hold information days at the private school near Dusseldorf and all news and events will be announced on our ISR website.

Additional information about our international school and international Kindergarten

Are you interested in the ISR International School on the Rhine Neuss Düsseldorf? Please contact us personally. The international school accepts applications all year round. ISR offers many opportunities to get to know us. Feel free to visit our open house. We are always looking forward to meeting new families. We are looking forward to greeting you and your family.

ISR – „It’s cool to be good!“


ISR – „It’s cool to be good!“