ISR Virtual Charity Run

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

An important part of the core value system and school life at ISR is that our students are socially engaged and involved in their communities. Even in the days of COVID-19, our students did not want to break with this important component and continue to support  and aid organizations of their choice. Therefore, our SLOⓇ Health & Sports Department came up with the idea to organize an ISR Charity Run despite COVID-19 – and do this virtually!

The virtual Charity Run will take place between 20th – 22nd November and is open for all students, parents, siblings, and staff at ISR to participate in. All donations will proceed to SOS Kinderdorf e.V., a renowned charity organization, which commits to enabling positive living conditions for disadvantaged young people and their families at 240 locations all across Germany. In times of Corona, they have set up a special program to support children and their families who have various needs during this time.

How can I participate?

This run will be a virtual charity run, in which everyone, who is willing to participate runs at home, either in their local park, neighbourhood, along the Rhine, or wherever you like.

If you would like to be part of the charity run, we kindly ask you to fill out the sign-up sheet until 19th November. The sheet lists several basic questions, such as name, grade, and the distance you wish to run.


How can I support this good cause?

For every 100 meters, 10 cents will be donated to the charity organization. Individually, every person can specify the distance they want to run (or walk), and consequently donate the specific amount.

Example: If you decide to run 2 kilometres, you will donate 2 Euros and if you run 6.7 kilometres, you donate 6 euros and 70 cents. If you are willing to donate more than the minimum amount of 10 cents per 100 meters, there is a specific field on the sign-up sheet where you can add this information.

You can contribute your donation before or after you run, as we will be collecting the donations until Friday, 4th December.

Please bring your donation in exact change to the SLOⓇ office.

Fill out the sign-up sheet and help support the charity organization SOS Kinderdorf e.V.! The run offers a wonderful opportunity to be active and do something good at the same time.

We look forward to a many participations and thank you all for your support in advance!

Special Information for Grades:

Grades 1-4: the grade with the most participating students wins a movie session with popcorn

Grades 5-8: the grade with the most participants wins a movie session with popcorn as well

Grades 9-12: a recognition board will be displayed in school listing the students who ran the top 10 longest distances

Grades 11-12: participating in the run counts as CAS (only with photographic evidence)