ISR First Grade Ceremony 2022

ISR First Grade Ceremony 2022

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Yesterday, our new ISR First Graders celebrated a very special day on their educational paths: their first day of school at ISR!

To celebrate this important milestone, we cordially invited their families to our ISR First Grade Ceremony 2022. The ceremony was opened by our Head of Primary School, Ms. Bodner, who addressed motivating words of welcome to the students and their families. In her speech, Ms. Bodner highlighted: “At ISR we believe in educating your child as a whole, we do this through offering a robust curriculum, creating classrooms where children are engaged and feel secure and by equipping them with the values to create lifelong learners.”

She then handed over to our School Director, Ms. Lyons, who not only warmly welcomed the students, but also emphasized the importance of this day and how delighted she was that our ISR Family is steadily continuing to grow. Our Deputy School Director, Mr. Cete, then welcomed all invited families and greeted our visitors with warm words of welcome.

After the festive beginning of the ceremony, Ms. Bodner invited our fourth grader, Leo, on stage, who proudly performed the ISR School Song to the audience. After his performance, all first-graders were welcomed on stage to receive their traditional school cones. Grandparents, parents, as well as siblings, proudly observed this special moment and applauded enthusiastically for each student. After the wonderful ceremony in bright sunshine, we invited the families to a reception on our campus, where they were able to meet other families and enjoy this special day together.

We are very grateful to have been a part of this special first-grade ceremony and wish our new first-graders the very best on their educational journey at ISR, who will for sure prove our motto: It’s cool to be good.

We thank our wonderful photographer Ms. Osterried for this years First Grade Cemerony photos.

Staff Recognition at ISR

Staff Recognition at ISR

Friday, 19 August 2022

At ISR, we strongly believe that an educational institution is not just a building. A successful educational institution consists of people who enrich the institution over many years and make a positive difference, in order to provide a happy, fulfilling, and successful future for our students.

Every year, it is therefore a beloved tradition at ISR to recognize and celebrate the members of our team that have been part of the ISR Family for five or more years. As a tribute, the entire ISR Team gathered today on campus and celebrated 14 members of our amazing team. Our management team – with touching words – handed them a token of appreciation and complimented their efforts and contributions to ISR’s success.

Of all 14 team members, two colleagues have been part of the ISR Family for outstanding 10 years. These colleagues were closely followed by our wonderful School Director, Ms. Lyons, who has been dedicating her heart and passion to ISR for 15 years. Lastly, we honored our Head of University and Career Counseling, Ms. Wacker, who has been effectively guiding our students on their path to success for impressive 20 years!

Whether it is 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, these team members what all contributed tremendously to our success with their dedication, expertise and, above all, their passion of enabling great minds and strong characters!

Thank you, Ulrike, Eileen, Angela, Neli, Megan, Emiko, Lilas, Damian, Dawn, Hannah, Rebecca, Melania, Adrienne, and Karsten for your positive impact, dedication, and passion that you invested into our kindergarten and school life at ISR to provide our students with an excellent international education as well as a passion for lifelong learning. As our motto states: It’s cool to be good!

Meet Your Teacher Event at ISR

ISR Meet your Teacher Event

Thursday, 18 August 2022

Bright-eyed children, happy families, and joyful teachers warmly welcoming their students came together today – after a few weeks of summer break – on our ISR campus! The spirit of the reunion was unique and our students were beyond excited to see their new classmates and to meet their teachers for the upcoming school year. Along with their parents, new and returning students visited their classrooms and enjoyed their time together back at ISR.

Our Meet your Teacher Event is held yearly before kindergarten and school starts, allowing our students to have a more relaxed transition into the new school year. The event also provides the opportunity to clarify any open questions from parents regarding our school bus service or SLOⓇ activities with the appropriate contact person on campus. Partners like our school caterer Broich Catering and our internal music school Musicbox Oxana presented their services, answered questions, and introduced themselves to new ISR Families. Our parents also presented the ISR Parent Network and welcomed familiar and new faces to ISR. We enjoyed seeing ISR filled with our happy families and smiling children again – we missed you all during our ISR Summer Break and are now even more excited for our school start in the coming week!

ISR Summer School 2022

ISR Summer School 2022

Friday, 29 July 2022

Laughing children in the playground, interesting lessons in the classrooms, digital learning, visits from our partners, excursions into nature, playing on farms and children squealing with joy when a clown visited us have defined the last four weeks of our ISR Summer School. With hundreds of participants, the program was a great success. Today marks the end of our unique vacation offering that provided students from kindergarten to 8th grade with many unforgettable experiences.

We sincerely thank our dedicated ISR Summer School Team for an unforgettable ISR Summer School 2022 and are happy to share a few special moments with you:

We sincerely thank the talented Photographer Christina Lorenz.

ISR Alumni & Friends Friday

ISR Alumni & Friends Friday

Friday, 22 July 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to a new project of ours – our ISR Alumni & Friends Friday. Once a month, we will introduce you to an ISR parent or alumni and their professional field.

Today, we wish to introduce you to our ambitious alumna, Mareen, who is currently studying medicine in the Netherlands. In this video, she discusses her daily study and work routine,  gives some professional advice, and provides insight into her future career plans.
Mareen mentions in this interview that it is important and helpful to have a mentor in the professional field in which you plan to work.   Our ISR Alumni & Friends Network mentoring program offers you networking possibilities with parents, partners, staff, and alumni who are glad to support you in any way. We invite you to take advantage of this unique offer to learn from our member’s professional experiences.  Please contact Mareen if you have any questions about a medical degree, the Netherlands, or other academic-related topics!

ISR Coding Camp 2022

ISR Coding Camp 2022

Monday, 18 July 2022

Mr. Ellis, Head of Computer Science, led five students in our first successful ISR Coding Camp. In the beginning of the week, the participants learned how to write and execute Python programs on the micro:bit. They used simple coding patterns before using General-Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins to connect it to external hardware components, such as LEDs and speakers.

During the next two days, the students focused on environment-themed projects, such as creating a Bird Conservation Website and using App Inventor to create a Food Production Quiz that could be downloaded and used on a mobile device. Upon completion of these projects, each participant received a certificate for their successful work. The last two days focused on creating 3D objects and animations using Blender software and designing a ‘CODER’ key ring using Blocks CAD. Each key ring was 3D printed and handed to the students at the end of the ISR Coding Camp 2022 as e memory for all participating students.

We thank Mr. Ellis for this exciting week, and we look forward to another ISR Coding Camp next year.

ISR Robotics Camp 2022

ISR Robotics Camp 2022

Monday, 11 July 2022

Last week, our second successful ISR Robotics Camp took place during the summer break.

Our head of IT department at ISR, Mr. Aloof, successfully implemented the camp with the participating students and showed them the world of Virtual Reality (VR), programming and many other interesting topics of IT. The students had the opportunity to travel to different countries and worlds with the help of VR-Goggles and discover many exciting things.

In addition, the students were allowed to use our 3D printer and create so-called “ISR Coins” on the computer and then print them out. The participants found this extremely exciting! The coins and other printouts, such as a toy cat, were allowed to be taken home by the children as a Robotics Camp souvenir.

Furthermore, the knowledge of the students in the field of programming robots was expanded and they learned different programming languages to operate the robots.

In summary, the ISR Robotics Camp was a great success! The participating students could enjoy a varied program as well as dive into the world of modern technologies!

We are already looking forward to the ISR Robotics Camp in 2023!

Outstanding IB Results 2022

Outstanding IB Results 2022

Wednesday, 06 July 2022

We are in awe of our Graduating Class of 2022. The graduates mastered the toughest months of their educational careers with resilience, and their hard work has paid off.

In fact, this year’s graduating class achieved an outstanding 37-grade point average! 31% of this year’s graduating class achieved a score of 40 or more out of a possible 45 points, and 18% achieved a score that equates to a high school graduation grade (Abitur) of 1.0. On average, our graduates have received an impressive total of three University Offers around the globe. While some offers are still pending, these spots are offered from world-renowned universities on 4 different continents such as: Clarkson University, HULT International Business School, King’s College London, Kingston University London, Miami University, University of Maastricht, Rotterdam School of Management, EBS Universität, ESADE, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – just to name a few!

We are very proud to see such an international, talented, and diverse group of individuals continue to pursue their dreams after graduation.

We couldn’t be prouder of this graduating class!

“Not only did this cohort show remarkable resilience during the pandemic, our ISR graduates demonstrated commitment and determination to accomplishing their goals. Today, they earned their just reward by achieving these outstanding IB results. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to our graduates. I would like to commend their teachers and counsellors too, who have coached, guided and supported our students in every possible way through their high-school years. Well done on a truly extraordinary achievement!” – Eileen Lyons, ISR School Director

These excellent final grades, not only confirm our promise to help students find their way to the university of their choice, but confirm ISR’s status as one of the leading international private schools in Germany.

We would like to thank all faculty, staff, our UCC team, supporters, and the families of this year’s graduating class for their constant support and commitment. This would not have been possible without you.

Congratulations to our graduates. We could not be prouder. “It’s cool to be good!”

Looking back: ISR Sports Camp

Looking back: ISR Sports Camp 2022

Monday, 4 July 2022

We have yet another successful week of ISR Sports Camps behind us! As in the past, sports enthusiasts from Kindergarten to Grade 8 took part in the camp and had an eventful week focused on various sporting activities where the fun factor was guaranteed.

We started this year with a record number of 120 sport-loving children, who were divided into age-appropriate groups so that each group received a program tailored to their needs. Throughout the week, students were able to try their hand at a variety of physical activities and games such as tennis, taekwondo, fencing, field hockey, as well as Yoga, and Mindfulness, meaning our students had the chance to enjoy a plethora of activities both outdoors, and inside our spacious sports hall.  To top off the week, the students also got the chance to participate in several excursions, such as to a trampoline park, climbing halls, and much more.

As our sports teachers know the value of strong relationships, they began the week with a round of introductions so that all participants could make new friends. All groups harmonized excellently, and the participants enjoyed the time together as well as the various sports activities. We would like to thank our entire sports team for this unforgettable week and the time and effort they put into the preparations as well as the execution. We are already looking forward to another ISR Sports Camp next year!

Looking back: ISR Summer Art Camp

Looking back: ISR Summer Art Camp 2022

Monday, 4 July 2022

Once again another successful ISR Summer Art Camp took place this year. Last week 12 participants took part in the camp organized by Bettina Schulenberg, mother and long-time partner of ISR. Ms. Schulenberg prepared a creative week for the children, in which they could experiment with new painting techniques and different materials. The week started with a round of introductions and icebreakers, but then quickly became innovative. The participants were trying out using different painting techniques and working with different materials (wood, canvas or cardboard) while using acrylic paint. They also worked with papermaché, discovered the collage technique, did some recycling art, and much more.

An essential part of the day was the joint lunch, where all participants exchanged ideas and used the creative break to come up with new ideas. All attendees highly enjoyed the week and created unique and beautiful art during the camp. As a highlight of the week, all camp participants invited their families to an exhibition on the last day. There they presented their works and all visitors were amazed by their extraordinary art work. The exhibition was a delightful way to end the successful week and celebrate the achievements of all the students.

We want to thank Ms. Schulenberg for another successful ISR Art Camp and are already looking forward to the next camp in the new year!