ISR International Spring Festival – Celebrating cultural diversity and our unique community spirit

ISR International Spring Festival – Celebrating cultural diversity and our unique community spirit

Saturday, 14 May 2022

This weekend, the weather Gods looked favorably upon our ISR International Spring Festival 2022. Over 1,000 families and guests from all over the world came together for events, music, good food from many cultures, and fun activities – and the families were finally able to meet each other and their children’s teachers again on campus.

The festival was themed: “Many cultures – one global language: Education” where we celebrated the unique international community spirit at ISR. Guests could experience numerous highlights – including ponies, sports stations of our dedicated SLO® and sports department, as well as a comprehensive stage program consisting of musical performances, theater, and a raffle for the children. In addition, visitors were able to get a comprehensive picture of various student projects in the classrooms, and children were able to experience what it means to be part of ISR through hands-on activities. Last but not least, our international “Taste of the World” buffet, which was second to none, successfully rounded off the celebration. Families came dressed in typical national clothing, proudly representing their national food.

Our ISR partners from sports, theater, arts, music, and transport were represented with booths. Many of these partners have been loyal to ISR for over a decade – and we are sure to work together for another decade going forward.

We were so thankful that we could see families and visitors coming together again campus-wide. This successful celebration was due to the great support of our dedicated ISR Parent Network, our international community, faculty, staff, and our cooperation partners.

We are looking forward to future celebrations at ISR and are especially proud to be a part of our unique ISR Family – a community unlike none other 💙💛❤️.

We sincerely thank our talented Photographer Melanie Osterried.

International Mathematics Competition: ISR students achieve outstanding results

International Mathematics Competition: ISR students achieve outstanding results

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

We are proud to announce that our Grade 8 students, along with a select group of students from Grades 5 & 6 performed exceptionally well in the AMC 8 Competition.

AMC is an international mathematics competition sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). It is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple-choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills.

We are ecstatic to highlight that one of our Grade 8 students, Eileen (Yixi), placed in the top 5% of participants WORLDWIDE! Congratulations to Eileen (Yixi)! We are so proud of you!

In addition to this, Grade 8 students Zongxi & Piotr tied for 2nd place and Mehul & Jacob tied for 3rd place amongst the participants at ISR.

Congratulations to all of our successful participants! You are further proof of our motto at ISR: It’s cool to be good!

ISR Students visited QIAGEN

ISR Students visited QIAGEN

Monday, 9 May 2022

End of April, eight Grade 11 biology students visited the QIAGEN laboratories in Düsseldorf. After a guided tour through the campus where they observed the working laboratories, they put on their lab coats and guided by Dr. Norbert Hochstein, Director of Research and Development at Qiagen, the students carried out a DNA extraction experiment. The latest in PCR testing equipment was on display and the students learned about how the process is becoming digitized, allowing for far faster test results.

The visit concluded with an inspiring career talk from a professional scientist, Dr. Julia Täubner, allowing the students an insight into the path taking to work for a leading provider of molecular diagnostic technologies.

We sincerely thank Qiagen for this enriching opportunity for our students!

Turkish Children's Festival at ISR

Turkish Children’s Festival at ISR

Monday, 9 May 2022

On Friday, in bright sunshine, our ISR families came together to celebrate the Turkish Children’s Festival 23 Nisan Çocuk Bayrami on campus after school.

A joyful festival awaited the children with many special highlights such as ponies, Turkish specialties, and an exciting stage program, which was ceremoniously opened by the Turkish Consul General in Düsseldorf, Mrs. Karaarslan. Also, our Deputy Director, Mr. Cete, did not miss the opportunity to open the festival on behalf of ISR with some greetings in Turkish. We wish to thank our Turkish community, which planned and carried out the festivities with a lot of dedication and commitment.

We were especially delighted to welcome so many families here on campus again and are grateful that our international ISR community could come together again in such a festive atmosphere!

Eid Mubarek Celebration at ISR

Eid Mubarek Celebration at ISR

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Our Muslim community celebrated the traditional festival of Eid Mubarek yesterday. Today, they did not miss the opportunity to share their wonderful tradition with our international school community. For this, the families went to great lengths to decorate a booth and distribute sweets to all the children in honor of the festival. We are very grateful that our families shared this special tradition with us and that we were able to celebrate Eid Mubarek with our entire community – our students were clearly delighted!

Another Successful Career Talk at ISR

Another Successful Career Talk at ISR

Monday, 2 May 2022

Last Friday, another successful Career Talk took place at ISR. Two employees of the international auditing company Ernst & Young, which is represented in over 150 countries, visited us. Mr. Stojanovic, former dual student of EY and current assistant, as well as Mr. Brookshaw, Senior Manager, held an exciting lecture in front of our 11th graders, during which our students got an insight into the company and its diverse fields of activity, as well as, into the daily work of an auditor and the application process.  The Career Talk was very interactive as our students clearly showed their great interest and asked many varied questions.

Mr. Stojanovic and Mr. Brookshaw talked about their service lines, the difference in auditing small and large companies, and the impact of COVID-19 on EY. Furthermore, they explained the benefits that come with working in an international company, such as valuing cultural diversity. “We love to be as colorful as we could be,” Mr. Brookshaw emphasized. Another important part of EY is the individual development of its “talents”, as well as, the conscious promotion of women in management positions. Special programs are in place to help them develop their own careers. Currently, 44% of EY’s employees are female and as Mr. Brookshaw emphasized at this point “it is extremely important to hire and promote female leaders”. During the Career Talk, it quickly became clear that EY offers every one of its employees the opportunity to pursue a successful career on a level playing field. The Career Talk was a great success and the interest of our students was so great that Mr. Brookshaw and Mr. Stojanovic took the time afterwards to have individual conversations with our students and answer open questions. We are already looking forward to discussing further cooperation opportunities with EY in the future, where our students will have the opportunity to get to know the company better.

We would like to thank Mr. Brookshawn and Mr. Stojanovic for their exciting visit and their time!

ISR at the Kirschblütenfest

ISR at the Kirschblütenfest

Monday, 25 April 2022

Yesterday, the Cherry Blossom Festival took place in Meerbusch-Büderich, organized by the city of Meerbusch as well as by the Friends of the Meerbusch-Shijonawate Sister Cities Association – and it was a great success!

The festival symbolizes the close connection between the two twin cities as well as of Japan and Germany and for this reason, it was a great pleasure for us to participate in the event with our Japanese teacher, parts of the management team and some ISR families to celebrate the German-Japanese friendship. We were in addition represented by our popular ISR school bus and two of our dedicated students who offered face painting as well as children’s glitter stickers for the skin. Moreover, we took our VR glasses with us that we use in our classrooms, and the children had great fun using them.

Furthermore, one talented ISR family performed an amazing piece of music on stage and represented ISR in an excellent way. We would like to sincerely thank the Yokota family for their incredible performance, as well as our students for their involvement – the children were extremely happy and had great fun! Moreover, we would like to thank the organizers for another wonderful Cherry Blossom Festival and for the opportunity to get in touch with so many interested families.

We’re looking forward to another celebration in 2023!

Looking Back: ISR Robotics Camp

ISR Robotics Camp 2022

Friday, 22 April 2022

Our ISR Spring break comes to an end today and with it, a conclusion to an eventful 2 weeks of our first ever ISR Robotics Camp!

Mr. Aloof –  Head of the IT Department, ran this year’s camp and prepared the participating students for a week filled with Virtual Reality (VR), programming, and much more. The camp started with an intense look into the world of VR and the participants immersed themselves in different worlds and countries through modern technology. They visited space and were able to get an interesting look at moon rockets!

Another highlight of the camp was operating and printing with the 3D printer, where the participants programmed items such as superheroes, a traditional Chinese figure and they printed the figurines to take home with them.

Students also learned how to program a robot by learning different programming languages. At the end of the camp, each student received a certificate for their outstanding participation. Our first ISR Robotics Camp was without a doubt a great success! “It was a great pleasure to work with students who have a curiosity and a  passion for IT like me, and it was such a delight to see how these 2 weeks helped broaden their knowledge in the subject!”, Mr. Aloof concluded.

We are looking forward to ISR Robotics Camp in 2023!

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day!

In Germany alone, only 28.4% of women were employed in management positions in 2020. At ISR, however, we take on a different approach. 70% of our staff in leadership positions are women! Additionally, there are many inspiring women within our parent community at ISR who are self-employed or hold leadership positions.

Being inspired by such women,  we asked them a few questions, which they answered specifically in honor of International Women’s Day. This video is made up of many successful women within our ISR Family and serves as motivation for our students and young women around the world who are on the path to building their careers.

In our video, one aspect in particular quickly becomes clear – women can achieve anything and lead by example!

As Ella Fitzgerald, a famous singer said, “Never give up fighting for what you want to do. You can’t go wrong with something where there is passion and inspiration.”

We wish you all an inspiring International Women’s Day!

Celebrating"Hina Matsuri" at ISR

Celebrating”Hina Matsuri” at ISR

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Today, Japan celebrates “Hina Matsuri,” also known as “Girls Day,” and our Japanese community let us be part of this wonderful festival again. This day is especially for girls and celebrates their health and happiness. Our Japanese mothers have decorated the hallway of our kindergarten with great attention to detail and everything looks gorgeous.

Some of our kindergarten children got especially dressed up for the day and wore beautiful traditional clothes. In honor of “Hina Matsuri”, some boys also wore traditional clothes – everyone looked just awesome.

We would like to thank our Japanese community for the great decorations and the joint celebration, and especially for letting us be a part of the tradition of this special day.