Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart Visits ISR

Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart Visits ISR

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

We had the honor of welcoming Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart, the NRW Minister for Economy, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy to ISR today.

The Minister was welcomed by our ISR Management Team, members of the ISR Advisory Board, the Head of the ISR Parent Network, parents, alumni as well as our kindergarten children, who made a poster for the Minister for the visit.

We were very pleased to welcome Ms. Troles –  MdL, Dr. Geerlings – MdL of the CDU Neuss and Mrs. Caninenberg – Speaker of the ministry, to the meeting as well.

After a warm welcome from Mr. Soliman – ISR School Proprietor, our guests were given an insight into how innovation and digitalization are practiced in our classrooms at ISR.

For some years now, VR glasses have been used at ISR to supplement regular lessons in order to skillfully visualize learning content and thus make it tangible for our students. Mr. Killian O’Brien – Head of the Science Department at ISR, explained the technologies that are used in the classroom and referred to the solar cells which, in addition to generating green energy for ISR, can also be used for teaching purposes and experiments.

Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart then took the time to provide a selected groups of our Upper School Students as well as our other guests with exciting insights into the topic of artificial intelligence. In a subsequent round of talks, the participants were allowed to address their questions to the Minister, who gave the students important advice, also with regard to their future career choices. The Minister emphasized that international schools have a special value in the region and also for the economy and encouraged our students to always be curious and to always have the willingness to learn new things throughout their lives.

With this visit, the Minister followed up on a visit a few years ago and we are particularly pleased that he took the time today to engage in an exchange with our guests, students, our team, parents and alumni at ISR.

Furthermore, we wish to thank all of our guests for their time and are happy that we have been able to provide our students with this inspiring lecture by Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart.

Newspaper article by the NGZ: pdf Download

ISR supports the association Interkulturelle Projekthelden with the Rotay Club of Neuss

ISR supports the association Interkulturelle Projekthelden with the Rotay Club of Neuss

Monday, 29 November 2021

We were particularly pleased to be able to carry out a project together with the Rotary Club of Neuss for the benefit of the association Interkulturelle Projekthelden. 

After a visit by the Rotarians to the children and youth welfare facility, it was clear that there was a shortage of books for the children.

As a result, our team – Ms. Breuers and Mr. Urban – went in search of suitable books and were able to hand over several boxes which can now be used to build up a small library.

We wish to sincerely thank Mr. Ali Öksüz, the 1st chairman of the association, as well as the Rotary Club Neuss for this successful joint project!

Keeping up with beautiful traditions at ISR

Keeping up with beautiful traditions at ISR

Thursday, 26 November 2021

We start the winter season with a particularly cherished tradition that has been established at ISR over many years.

One of our families has taken the time every winter since kindergarten (an impressive 13 years!) to decorate a very special Christmas tree at ISR. Lea and David, who are now in our 12th grade, and their mother are passionate about this tradition and to bring joy to the kindergarteners – and to the entire ISR Family – every year! Some of the decorations are even handmade!

The whole ISR Community looks forward to this special tradition every year and the creative and really special tree has become an integral part of the ISR foyer.

Thank you for keeping up this wonderful tradition for so many years!

TV station KIKA initiative #SayHi

TV station KIKA initiative #SayHi

Thursday, 25 November 2021

The TV station KIKA has recently encouraged participation in the initiative #SayHi, which highlights the importance of friendship and stands against bullying.

Several ISR students decided to be part of this important initiative and danced to the song “Fireworks,” recorded the dance and submitted their creative recording to KIKA. From all the submissions, the editorial team accordingly created a wonderful compilation video. You can watch the result, which features our ISR students, here:

We are proud to be distinguished by such committed students, who already at a young age set an example against bullying and for lifelong friendships – from all over the world!

ISR Open House 2021

Successful ISR Open House 2021

Monday, 25 October 2021

Last Saturday, we celebrated our long-awaited ISR Open House 2021, to which we invited ISR families as well as families interested in joining our ISR community. We welcomed many families from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm in three different time slots based on grade levels. Our guests got a first-hand look at ISR school life through our various demo lessons, exhibitions, and our Subject Hallway where teachers presented different subjects as well as numerous insights into physics and chemistry projects. In addition, our sports and SLOⓇ departments were present with displays and information about our offerings in these areas, an art exhibition was displayed, our ISR band held a performance, direct question and answer sessions with our academic heads were held, and much more.

Visitors had the opportunity to take a trip to Italy or to explore the ocean thanks to our IT department with the help of VR goggles, and they were also able to check out our impressive 3D printing. In our cafeteria, visitors could enjoy the day with delicious snacks which were organized by our dedicated parent community. Beforehand, they decorated our cafeteria with great attention to detail and made it a cozy place to socialize. Drinks were provided by our in-house caterer Broich Premium Catering and in addition, there were delicious coffee specialties from the mobile coffee bar Bacio e Amore from Düsseldorf. In a relaxed atmosphere, parents, visitors, and students could enjoy the day at school and exchange ideas.

We would like to thank our dedicated teachers who not only gave our interested visitors and ISR families an insight into school life but also showed them what makes ISR so special.

A big thank you also goes to our students who represented ISR admirably. A special thank you also to all staff and internal partners, without whom this unique event would not have been possible!

Sport Cooperation_Nina Hemmer_ISR International School on the Rhine Düsseldorf Neuss Meerbusch

Sports cooperation! ISR supports German vice champion

Sports cooperation! ISR supports German vice champion

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Sport Cooperation_Nina Hemmer_ISR International School on the Rhine Düsseldorf Neuss Meerbusch
Sport Cooperation_Nina Hemmer_ISR International School on the Rhine Düsseldorf Neuss Meerbusch

We are especially pleased to share the following positive news regarding our successful cooperation partner Nina, the German Wrestling Vice World Champion: At the past Championships, which took place in Oslo, Nina was able to secure the silver medal for herself due to her outstanding performance, thus reaching an important milestone in her athletic career. In the European Championships in 2016 and 2017, as well as the European Games in 2019, Nina has already secured bronze in each tournament.

Within the framework of various sports cooperations, ISR has been supporting young athletes as well as clubs for many years in order to promote talent and further create added value for sport clubs. Nina has been one of our cooperation partners for a long time and already visited us in 2019 as part of our annual ISR Open House.

Therefore, we are even more pleased to share her success this year and to have accompanied her on her way to success.

Nina is further proof of our motto at ISR: It’s cool to be good!

ISR Kindergarten Neighborhood Festival

ISR Kindergarten Neighborhood Festival

Saturday, 2 October 2021

Autumn ushers in a very special time for our kindergarten children at Großisselhof, which we celebrated this weekend with our families, the team and friends of the kindergarten.

At our first ISR Kindergarten Neighborhood Festival, numerous families and guests came together over the weekend to spend the afternoon together with autumnal dishes and drinks in a family atmosphere and with many attractions for the children. Numerous hands-on activities and special features for the children – including ponies, exciting harvest stories as well as exciting tractor rides with our farm master Ralf – successfully rounded off the event for the families.

In addition, we were especially pleased to be able to show some interested families our idyllic kindergarten and explain the special features of our ISR Kindergarten Meerbusch to them during a tour.

It was an all-around successful fall festival which we would like to repeat soon!

A big thank you goes to all our employees, who with their love for detail and their commitment made the festival a great success, as well as to all the families who found their way to our kindergarten festival over the weekend! We are already looking forward to the next family events!

A tradition continues - ISR student participated in the 24-hour Mammoth run in Wuppertal

A tradition continues – ISR student participated in the 24-hour Mammoth run in Wuppertal and donated his proceeds in the amount of 400€ to charity

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

For the second year in a row, Phillip, a twelfth grader at ISR, took on the Wuppertal 24-hour Mammoth run as part of his CAS project and exceeded all expectations. He improved his performance from the previous year and ran a proud 100 km through the whole of Wuppertal, Wülfrath, Velbert, Heiligenhaus, Essen, Hattingen and Sprockvögel in just under 24 hours. He donated the proceeds of 400 Euros, which consisted of 300 Euros from his run and 100 Euros from the ISR Charity Run, to the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow for charitable purposes. This continues the tradition already started by his brother Maximilian in 2019, and the local Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow has been a fixture for various charitable projects at ISR ever since.

Phillip himself is incredibly passionate about sports and for this reason repeatedly chose the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow, which supports people with disabilities in the field of sports and works to ensure that people with and without physical or mental disabilities play sports together. Burkhard Zülow, the founder of the foundation, set himself the goal at the time of breaking down inhibitions and instead promoting the idea that everyone has unique strengths.  The donation was successfully presented to Ms. Zülow by Philipp and his CAS teacher, Mr. Urban. Ms. Zülow was very impressed with the social commitment of our students and especially with Phillip’s outstanding running performance. We as a school are incredibly proud that our students are socially engaged and support local clubs and foundations in the process.

ISR has participated in the Tandem Day several times in the past, with ISR students chaperoning stations as well as offering creative stations of their own. We are very happy to be part of the next Tandem Day in 2022 and look forward to the joint projects with the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow, which will follow in the future.

Chinese Mid-Autmn Festival

Chinese Mid-Autmn Festival

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Today, we celebrated the traditional Chinese Mid-Autmn festival, which is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. On this day, the whole family gets together, enjoys the cysanthemum flowers, drinks tea, eats delicious moon cake and watches the moon together that evening. Our students in the SLO Chinese for Foreigners course made beautiful cards for this festival. The activity leader, Ms. Wang-Schuetze, also brought homemade moon cake that day, which was enjoyed by the students.

We wish all Chinese families a wonderful Mid-Autmn Festival and are thankful that our Chinese Community shared this beautiful tradition with us!

Hult International Business School visited ISR

Hult International Business School visited ISR

Thursday, 09 September 2021

We had the pleasure of welcoming three representatives from Hult International Business School to ISR yesterday. Ms. Giesecke – Enrollment Director, Mr. Torén – Vice President of Operations and Mr. Bleckat – Associate Regional Enrollment Director met with our University and Career Counsellor – Ms. Wacker, Deputy Director – Mr. Cete, and ISR School Proprietor – Mr. Soliman to discuss matters relating to both schools and to deepen an already existing partnership.

We discussed the possibility of joint projects in the future such as; welcoming a HULT alumni to ISR who would share his learning experience at HULT with our students. Another of these joint ventures would be some of our ISR students joining in HULT master classes virtually, visiting HULT Business School and so much more.

We are very proud that thanks to our highly renowned partners we can create added value for our school community, through career talks, university visits, and much more

We would like to thank Ms. Gieseke, Mr. Torren, and Mr. Bleckat for their constructive and inspiring visit.