Locking back: ISR Summer School 2021

Loocking back: ISR Summer School 2021

Monday, 26 July 2021

“Learning English in the summer is fun while playing games and making new friends” is the motto of this year’s four-week ISR Summer School program.

In the last four weeks, approximately 150 children from kindergarten to grade 8 participated in our exciting ISR Summer School program.

This program not only included interesting lessons in mathematics, science, German, and English, but games and sports, as well. A highlight of any international education is meeting new friends from all over the world.

The mornings were dedicated to lessons, naturally, all in English and the afternoons were dedicated to fun. The afternoon program involved interesting visitors, age-appropriate excursions, and games. Some of our interesting visitors included a clown, who delighted the children with a fire show, a hip-hop trainer, and a trampoline coach.  Our students visited many destinations in our region, such as a farm for young children, an outdoor playground, a trampoline park, and a climbing hall. For rainy days, the organizers of this year’s ISR Summer School came up with something special for the children -racing car simulators placed in the cafeteria. A definite highlight!

We had a very successful ISR Summer School 2021, and now we are looking forward to 2022!

Impressions of the ISR Summer School 2021:

“On the one hand, the varied Summer School program offers a good opportunity to work on learning deficits of the past months in a playful way in the morning. This year, however, our afternoon program focused, particularly on games, fun, and sports. Being able to let off steam outdoors again with their classmates or new friends is something many children have been missing lately,” emphasizes Karsten Baumann, head of the sports department and of this year’s ISR Summer School.

Outstanding IB Results 2021

Outstanding IB Results 2021

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

We are in awe of our Graduating Class of 2021. The graduates mastered the toughest 18 months of their educational careers with resilience, and their hard work has paid off. All of this year’s ISR graduates passed the IB exam with resounding success!

In fact, this year’s graduating class achieved a history-making 38 grade point average – the best score in ISR history!

31% of this year’s graduating class achieved a score of 40 points and above out of a possible 45 points. 17% scored 42 points or above, which is the equivalent of a German Abitur grade of 1.0. Moreover, one of our graduates made history by achieving a full 45 points, the highest possible score, in his IB Diploma. The best final grade of ISR history!

Our ISR graduates received numerous offers from renowned universities worldwide, such as: University of Toronto, Keio University, St. Gallen, King’s College London, University College London, Boston University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Maastricht – just to name a few!

We couldn’t be prouder of this graduating class, a class that will go down in ISR history for its excellent results.

Dear Graduates – You have positively shaped the school and enriched it with your great minds and strong characters. We know that the future will hold only the best for you, and we are delighted that the excellent reputation of ISR will be carried on by you to the universities of this world!

“The outstanding results are a testament to the enormous dedication and effort of all those involved in guiding and preparing our students on their path to success” – Eileen Lyons.

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DFB Junior Coach Training at ISR

DFB Junior Coach Training at ISR

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

Last week, 13 enthusiastic soccer students successfully completed the DFB Junior Coach training at ISR. Under the guidance of Karsten Baumann, Head of the ISR Sports Department – a former Bundesliga player and coach, the students trained to become licensed junior coaches.

During the week, the students learned the theory of what it takes to be a trained coach by means of various case studies and also spent many hours on the sports field, putting the theory knowledge they acquired into practice. The training, which has been taking place at ISR for several years now in cooperation with the DFB, paves the way for the students to pursue a career in coaching.

At the end of the successful week, all participants received their certificates, which were presented to them by André Lengsfeld, who works at the commission for schools and daycare centers in the Rhein-Kreis-Neuss. Also represented on site were Nicola Ludwig, Junior Coach Mentor of the FVN, Wera Grumpe and Marie Weingenter, employees of the Youth and School Football Association and Leon Michalski, Commissioner of School Football Rhine District Neuss.

Congratulations to our 13 successful participants, who are now trained C coaches through the DFB Juniorcoach training – You’ve all done an amazing job!

We wish to thank everyone involved in this great cooperation and are looking forward to training more participants next year!

ISR Kindergarten Meerbusch BBQ

ISR Kindergarten Meerbusch BBQ

Monday, 05 July 2021

Today we had our first BBQ together in our new Kindergarten in Meerbusch. The families, teachers as well as staff members had the chance to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas in a familiar atmosphere.

For our little guests we organized a special highlight – two ponies were on site to surprise the children! The children were allowed to feed them, stroke them and ride on them. The beaming children’s eyes spoke for themselves and we are happy that our first get-together was so successful!

We are looking forward to our cooperation in the future and are proud that we are now distinguished by another kindergarten, which complements our kindergartens with its German-speaking offer!

ISR Kindergarten Düsseldorf: Kick-Off-BBQ in Neuss

ISR Kindergarten Düsseldorf: Kick-Off-BBQ in Neuss

Monday, 05 July 2021

Our ISR Kindergarten families, teachers and staff from Niederkassel gathered at ISR in Neuss to successfully conclude the first kindergarten year and celebrate it with a BBQ yesterday. Many delicious goodies were available for our guests and for the children. An especially big surprise were the two ponies on site, which the children were allowed to pet, feed and ride! The children were overjoyed when they saw the ponies! We are happy that we were able to host the families at ISR after a long time of not being able to host such events.

In order to give our families, the chance to exchange ideas and get to know new families of the ISR community, we are planning more BBQs for ISR in Neuss after the summer holidays. We are excited to once again have the opportunity to plan smaller outdoor events for our families and look forward to having the opportunity to see everyone in a safe environment!

Looking back: Our ISR Art Camp 2021

Looking back: Our ISR Art Camp 2021

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

The ISR Art Camp was once again a success this year! The camp, which is loved by our creative students, was fully booked within a few days  of announcing it! Today we look back on the week of this creative art camp. 15 students participated and they received varied art projects that they had to complete during the week. The whole week the students learned about different materials, art techniques and used those techniques to work on their paintings and sculptures.

The students worked with acrylic paint, canvases, they worked on different aspects of coloring and the effects of such. Due to the gentle instruction by Ms Schulenberg, the students were able to completely discover a new side to their creativity. On the last day of the camp, Friday, the students invited their families to their Art Exhibition. They proudly showed their parents, teachers and ISR staff around the exhibition explaining their art and the techniques they had learnt over the week. We would like to thank Ms. Schulenberg for planning this year’s successful ISR Art Camp!

We are already looking forward to the next ISR Art Camp in 2022!

Ms. Schulenberg offers creative courses in her studio at Hermannsplatz 7 in Neuss. If you are interested please visit her website: kunst-am-platz.de

Looking back: Our ISR Cooking Camp 2021

Looking back: Our ISR Cooking Camp 2021

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Last week, the ISR Cooking Camp took place at ISR for the third time. Eight participants experienced a culinary week in which they prep healthy dishes together and learned many new recipes – of course, including a sweet dessert. During the camp, the students learned how to prepare, delicious smoothies, lemonades, wraps, cupcakes, and much more. In addition to instructive hours in the ISR kitchen, they also took a day trip and visited Hermann – frische feine Kräuter in Neuss. There they go insight into how herbs are planted and processed and were allowed to pick fresh basil themselves.

It was a special day for all camp participants. Throughout the week, the students learned important tips & tricks about cooking, as well as developing a feeling for delicious combinations of different foods through the guidance of the Broich team. With their new knowledge, the families of the students were invited to a final dinner together on the ISR premises last Friday. The families were served a culinary highlight consisting of a delicious, freshly prepared three-course meal. In order to enjoy the meal in the appropriate ambiance, the Broich Catering team took care of tables, chairs, tableware as well as decorations so that everyone could celebrate the successes of the week in a cozy get-together. We would like to thank the entire Broich Catering team for the organization and execution of this successful ISR Cooking Camp week and are already looking forward to another camp next year.

Looking back: Our ISR Sports Camp 2021

Looking back: Our ISR Sports Camp 2021

Monday, 28 June 2021

Another exciting camp week came to an end at ISR on Friday last week. This year, our ISR Sports Camp had over 100 students registered to enjoy an eventful sports week!

The participants were divided into age-appropriate groups and were able to enjoy tailor-made sports programs that suit their age and agility. In addition to the various sports activities both on the ISR campus as well as the ISR outdoor sports facility, students visited the tennis facility across the street and a went on a number of local excursions. A few highlights included visits from the hip-hop instructor, a capoeira coach for our kindergarten children, Australian football, trampoline jumping, kayaking and much more.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the entire ISR Sports Team, the students participated in sports that helped foster sportsmanship and creativity, thus making this week one for them to cherish. The students demonstrated outstanding team spirit and athletic talent during our camp week.

We would like to thank our entire ISR team, especially the sports department, without whom,  this year’s sports camp would not have been possible. We eagerly anticipate next year’s sports camp!

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Last week, we celebrated the Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony of our KG2 groups, who successfully ended their Kindergarten years. We are happy to welcome most of them back at our first grade ceremony for the upcoming school year 2021-2022. All Kindergarten students received their graduation certificates personally from their Early Years Educators, who could not have been prouder. In the process, their parents had the opportunity to watch the moving ceremony virtually. For the parents as well as for our entire Kindergarten team it was a particularly touching moment.


Dear former KG2 students

We are grateful to have shared this exciting time with you and wish you all the best for your next exciting journey – starting school in first grade.

The world is open to you and we look forward to seeing how you develop true to our motto “We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters”!

Class of 2021 – ISR Graduation Ceremony

Class of 2021 – ISR Graduation Ceremony

Friday, 11 June 2021

On Friday 11 June 2021, we proudly celebrated the achievements of another graduating class of ISR. The ISR Graduation Ceremony took place in the spacious grounds of Haus Meer City Park with our graduates, their families and invited ISR guests.

After the ceremonial opening speeches by Ms. Lyons, Mr. Soliman and Mr. Cete, a speech by the Mayor of Düsseldorf, Dr. Stephan Keller, followed, who particularly emphasised the long-standing friendship of ISR with the city of Düsseldorf. Following the speech, the Consul General of Turkey in Düsseldorf, Ms. Aysegül Gökçen Karaarslan, gave some solemn words to our graduating class and spoke about her positive experience with ISR as the mother of an ISR graduate.

Afterwards, our two graduates Paul and Darya spoke of the eventful school years of this year’s graduating class and talked about numerous fond memories of the past years. In particular, the last two IB years of our graduating class were marked by the pandemic, however our students made the best of it at all times and mastered the challenges with flying colours. Finally, our ISR students as well as teachers performed “An Ode to Joy” – our ISR school song.

Our 49 graduates, who come from 16 different nations, were given a ceremonial farewell with the awarding of the ISR High School Diploma, which now opens the doors to prestigious universities worldwide.

We are extremely grateful and proud to have accompanied this year’s graduating class on their journey and to have completed an important milestone in their lives together with them. Each of our graduates is further proof of our motto: “We enable great minds and strong characters” and we are sure that the future holds only the best for our students.

We would also like to thank all the parents, teachers and staff who have accompanied this year’s graduating class on their journey and played a big part in their success.

Dear Students,

You have given your best at all times and can be proud to hold your ISR High School Diploma in your hands. Stay in touch and keep fond memories of this unforgettable period of your lives. Each of you has left your mark on ISR and we are proud to be a part of your story. Our doors are always open for you and your families.

Go out and shape the world, ISR Graduates! 

Photographer: Melanie Osterried