A tradition continues – ISR student participated in the 24-hour Mammoth run in Wuppertal and donated his proceeds in the amount of 400€ to charity

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

For the second year in a row, Phillip, a twelfth grader at ISR, took on the Wuppertal 24-hour Mammoth run as part of his CAS project and exceeded all expectations. He improved his performance from the previous year and ran a proud 100 km through the whole of Wuppertal, Wülfrath, Velbert, Heiligenhaus, Essen, Hattingen and Sprockvögel in just under 24 hours. He donated the proceeds of 400 Euros, which consisted of 300 Euros from his run and 100 Euros from the ISR Charity Run, to the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow for charitable purposes. This continues the tradition already started by his brother Maximilian in 2019, and the local Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow has been a fixture for various charitable projects at ISR ever since.

Phillip himself is incredibly passionate about sports and for this reason repeatedly chose the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow, which supports people with disabilities in the field of sports and works to ensure that people with and without physical or mental disabilities play sports together. Burkhard Zülow, the founder of the foundation, set himself the goal at the time of breaking down inhibitions and instead promoting the idea that everyone has unique strengths.  The donation was successfully presented to Ms. Zülow by Philipp and his CAS teacher, Mr. Urban. Ms. Zülow was very impressed with the social commitment of our students and especially with Phillip’s outstanding running performance. We as a school are incredibly proud that our students are socially engaged and support local clubs and foundations in the process.

ISR has participated in the Tandem Day several times in the past, with ISR students chaperoning stations as well as offering creative stations of their own. We are very happy to be part of the next Tandem Day in 2022 and look forward to the joint projects with the Tandem Foundation Burkhard Zülow, which will follow in the future.