ISR Drama Department

We aim to develop well-rounded students who have interests and talents in a variety of areas. Drama is an integral part of the ISR curriculum to achieve this goal. Along with Music and Art, students develop their creativity through the Drama program as well as learn new life skills such as public speaking.

Drama at ISR

The program is designed to provide students with a fun and educational approach to develop self-esteem and confidence to perform in front of an audience. Furthermore, students develop a better understanding of theatre and theatrical techniques and strategies. Students are encouraged to transfer their knowledge and abilities to other aspects of their school life.

The drama program can be taken advantage of in the following ways:

  • SLO® Drama Club: Students from Kindergarten to grade 6 can select drama as an elective. In this club, they explore group work and interaction using drama, theater, games, and strategies. Students may perform short scenes for an audience.
  • Arts elective in grade 9: Students in Grade 9 have the option of choosing Art, Music, or Drama. The Drama curriculum consists of two major parts. Students are instructed in the art of giving effective presentations and public speaking. The second part of the curriculum focuses on transferring the written word to the stage; what does it take to put on a short play? What is the role of the director and actor? What other aspects could enhance the performance?
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