Kindergarten is an exciting time full of learning and fun!

We plant the seeds to enable great minds and strong characters

Our ISR Kindergartens located in Neuss and Düsseldorf offer kindergarten children an enriching academic program with lessons in English, Maths, German, Music, Art, and Sports. Furthermore, children in our kindergartens are learning to read and write. In addition to the academic development that our kindergarten children benefit from, we place a strong emphasis on social and emotional development, helping children communicate their needs and build relationships with their peers. While our kindergarten children at ISR are taught in English by native speakers, our multilingual environment offers children the opportunity to become familiar with different cultures and languages from an early age. In this way, our Kindergarten children learn early on to understand and appreciate cultural diversity.

Our ISR Kindergarten in Meerbusch-Büderich complements our educational offering with a German-language kindergarten concept. Children at our Meerbusch location are admitted from the age of one and are supported and accompanied until they enter primary school. Our kindergarten located in Meerbusch-Büderich offers the children an environment in which they can feel at ease. Our goal is to make our kindergarten feel like a second home to the children, a place they look forward to going to day after day. The focal points of our concept are playful learning, loving care, the development of individual skills as well as providing organic and balanced meals, which are freshly prepared for the children.

In our kindergartens, it is our goal to get to know your child and to use this knowledge to support, motivate and optimally accompany them on their way to primary school.


ISR-Kindergarten Neuss

ISR-Kindergarten Düsseldorf

ISR-Kindergarten Meerbusch

Our ISR Kindergarten located in Neuss

Our spacious ISR Kindergarten in Neuss provides the perfect environment for your child to develop and be best prepared for primary school. The Neuss location has a play area of 15,000m², which is equipped with climbing frames, a bike track, a movement room, and many other special features.

Currently, 140 children aged three to six years, divided into seven age-appropriate groups, attend our ISR Kindergarten in Neuss. At ISR, the students are taught in English by highly qualified Early Years Educators and also receive weekly German lessons. Through the international school community, the children learn about different cultures, languages, and associated festivals right from the beginning of their educational career. This gives them an understanding of cultural diversity and teaches them to appreciate it.

The enriching academic program at our Neuss kindergarten site consists of lessons in English, Math, German, Music, Art, and Physical education. In addition to the academic development of our kindergarten students, we place a strong emphasis on social and emotional development, helping students communicate their needs and build relationships with their peers.

Our goal is to get to know your child in our ISR Kindergarten, to foster character strength, as well as to accompany the children on their educational path in the best possible way. One advantage of the Neuss location is the immediate proximity to the ISR Primary School, which is located on the ISR campus. This means that kindergarten children get to know some teachers as well as the premises of the primary school, enabling a pleasant transition that is marked by joyful anticipation.

Our international kindergarten education stands for a happy and fulfilling future for your child.

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Our ISR Kindergarten located in Düsseldorf

Our Düsseldorf kindergarten location has a new modern building and at this location we prepare around 100 children from the age of three for primary school in a multilingual environment.

At our Düsseldorf location, the kindergarten students are taught according to the same academic program as in our kindergarten in Neuss, making the transition to the ISR Primary School easier for the students.

The groups in our kindergarten are divided according to age. In this way, our highly qualified Early Years Educators, as well as the Early Years Assistants, can optimally address the needs of each individual child.

The kindergarten in Düsseldorf-Niederkassel is open almost all year round, offering the children an enriching academic program as well as numerous opportunities for development through afternoon activities. The extended care hours offer families the opportunity to flexibly arrange their daily schedule while knowing their child is in the best hands.

Our international kindergarten education stands for a happy and fulfilling future for your child.

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Our ISR Kindergarten located in Meerbusch

Safety, fun, and a healthy learning environment from morning to evening are the top priorities at our ISR Kindergarten in Meerbusch. A regulated daily routine, which brings new discoveries and a lot of variety every day, is the be-all and end-all for a child.

To ensure that each child can develop optimally and according to their age, the kindergarten children are divided into small groups according to their age and interests. Within the offer period, our little ones can decide for themselves what they enjoy the most. Among the offers are movement, creativity, English, and music. To increase and promote conscious perception, our offers are carried out with the help of educational teaching materials.

In contrast to our locations in Neuss and Düsseldorf, at our Meerbusch location children are cared for from the age of one and are enriched by a German kindergarten concept. The kindergarten currently cares for 34 children between the ages of one and six and is especially characterized by its idyllic and traffic-calm location in a beautiful nature reserve. With its extensive play areas, the entire kindergarten campus offers the children an optimal and protected environment in which they can grow and develop under the loving care of the Early Years Educators.

Our German-speaking kindergarten concept stands for loving and enriching care for your child, which is characterized by a safe environment in the nature reserve.

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ISR International School on the Rhine

Private Kindergarten in Düsseldorf and Neuss – on campus right next to the international school

The international school in Neuss, North Rhein Westphalia (NRW) has a private Kindergarten. We opened a second international Kindergarten in Düsseldorf-Niederkassel and a German-speaking Kindergarten in Meerbusch-Büderich. The international Kindergarten in Düsseldorf have the same concept as the ISR Kindergarten in Neuss. The new day-care center in Düsseldorf Oberkassel will provide over 100 children from the age of three to six with an excellent international pre-school education. The children at ISR are familiarized with the English language at an early age. As we know that each child is different, we individually tailor the education to fit the needs of your child. After Kindergarten, the children continue into our international primary school, followed by our private high school of the international school on the Rhine near Düsseldorf. At the end of their school career, our students acquire the international diploma, the International Baccalaureate (IB), and other high school diplomas. These diplomas are recognized in Germany and internationally. Our teachers prepare the students for a successful future career. In the past years, our students have completed their international high school with outstanding grades, giving our graduates wide career prospects.

Additional international Kindergarten in Düsseldorf

The new international Kindergarten in Düsseldorf offers up to 100 children space. Therewith, we can help improve the current shortage of Kindergarten spaces in Düsseldorf. Registrations for the international Kindergarten Düsseldorf and Neuss are accepted throughout the entire year. In addition, ISR took over a German-speaking Kindergarten in Meerbusch-Büderich.

Information about our international school and Kindergarten

Do you want more information about private schools or Kindergartens in Düsseldorf and Neuss? Please contact us personally. ISR International School on the Rhine in NRW accepts applications throughout the year. Or visit us during our open house days to learn more about school and Kindergarten education in Düsseldorf and Neuss. We always have several opportunities to visit our international school. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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