Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Annabelle

Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Annabelle

Friday, 24 September 2021

This week, we spotlight our first-grader Annabelle, who joined ISR in kindergarten. Annabelle is a wonderful member of the ISR family. She is incredibly helpful, always offering to take students to the nurse or to help children around her with their work. She enjoys learning inside the classroom as well as outdoors.

As she is part of the ISR family since kindergarten, her former kg teacher, Ms. Fatscher, still remembers about her: “Annabelle is curious, cautious, caring, kind and SO fast! I miss her calming presence in the classroom or outside. Give her any challenge- she will accomplish it! If a friend needs help- you can count on her. Anyone that is in Annabelle’s presence, is lucky to hear all her hilarious stories. You’re a perfect student to spotlight!”

Mr. Baumann, Head of the Sports Department adds, “Annabelle is a bright young girl with a quick perception. She is ambitious and very athletic. When there is a race, Annabelle is always at the front.”

We are very proud to spotlight Annabelle, one of ISR’s many outstanding students!

Every Friday, our Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our outstanding students who represent our school motto, “we enable great minds and strong characters”. No matter if it is academic success, special commitment, or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.

Chinese Mid-Autmn Festival

Chinese Mid-Autmn Festival

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Today, we celebrated the traditional Chinese Mid-Autmn festival, which is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. On this day, the whole family gets together, enjoys the cysanthemum flowers, drinks tea, eats delicious moon cake and watches the moon together that evening. Our students in the SLO Chinese for Foreigners course made beautiful cards for this festival. The activity leader, Ms. Wang-Schuetze, also brought homemade moon cake that day, which was enjoyed by the students.

We wish all Chinese families a wonderful Mid-Autmn Festival and are thankful that our Chinese Community shared this beautiful tradition with us!

ISR International School on the Rhine Neuss Düsseldorf Meerbusch_Summer BBQ 2021 01

Successful Summer BBQ – Grades 5–12

Successful Summer BBQ – Grades 5–12

Monday, 03 September 2021

We held a series of successful events after the Summer Break that culminated with our last BBQ this Friday, and this time we had perfect weather!

Our Middle and Upper School students and their families came together on our campus, and they had the opportunity to see each other again in a social setting after a very long time. The families spent an exciting and eventful afternoon as we had several fun activities lined up. In addition to the BBQ, there were several sports stations and activities such as human soccer ball and face painting.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our dedicated SLO® Team, who actively supported in the preparation and implementation of the BBQ as well as our Sports Department. A big thank you also goes out to the entire Middle and Upper School team for making the event a memorable occasion and of course our school caterer Broich for the delicious food. A fun-filled afternoon and such a wonderful experience to welcome families back on campus in such a fun and safe environment!

Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Wenqi

Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Wenqi

Friday, 9 July 2021

This week, we spotlight our tenth-grader student, Wenqi who joined ISR two years ago.

Wenqi is an outstanding student whose results put her at the top of her grade at ISR. She is passionate, hardworking, and is focused on achieving the best academic results.

Wenqi has impressed all her teachers with her commitment, especially in German lessons. “With her hard work, she has improved in two years academic language skills in German as a Foreign language what other students can reach almost in four years. She asked for more homework, worksheets, and reading assignments, every assignment was an intentional challenge for her! It was a great pleasure having her in my class, teaching her, enjoying her interest and attention. She is a present for every teacher!”, so her German teacher, Ms. Horvath. Her former teacher Ms. Herda is impressed by her achievements and is looking forward to teaching her in grade 11 after the summer break. “ I know Wenqi from grade 9, I taught her the German beginners’ course. Unfortunately, I did not teach her this year, but I am looking forward to next school year because Wenqi will be my student again. Wenqi will choose “German B”, which is remarkable because, as I said, she only started learning German 2 years ago.” In addition to Wenqi’s academic success, she stands out because of her kind and friendly disposition. She is very polite to those around her and incredibly determined.

Her physics teacher adds, “Wenqi is an outstanding physics student who is extremely dedicated to her academic success. When I see Wenqi working on a physics problem I can almost hear her brain clicking the pieces of the puzzle together to arrive at the solution. I know her talents are not restricted to the world of science, but I would see her as a great asset to the field. She is patient, polite, and respectful to both teachers and her classmates. She is such a pleasure to teach!”

We are very proud to spotlight Wenqi one of ISR’s many outstanding students!

Every Friday, our Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our outstanding students who represent our school motto, “we enable great minds and strong characters”. No matter if it is academic success, special commitment or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.

The 49 graduates of ISR Neuss achieve record-breaking International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) results this year

The 49 graduates of ISR Neuss achieve record-breaking International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) results this year, reaffirming ISR’s status as one of the leading international private schools in Germany

Thursday, July 8, 2021

For the first time in the history of our school, ISR graduates achieved an average of 38 points, 5 points above the global average / One student attained a perfect score of 45 points – the highest possible score / 31 percent of graduates belong to the international top 3 % best list / 17 percent of graduates earned top grades – comparable to the Abitur grade of 1.0 / 65 % were awarded the prestigious Bilingual IB diploma / 12 nationalities make up the class of 2021/ And in the second year of Covid-19, three quarters of ISR graduates opt for renowned universities abroad.

The 49 graduates of ISR International School on the Rhine in Neuss and Düsseldorf achieved a record-breaking average of 38 points in their IB Diploma this year. In their International Baccalaureate Diploma, this year’s graduates, coming from 12 nations, scored 5 points above the global average of 33 points.

“This record-breaking IB score deserves all the recognition because this time, the two most crucial school years before graduation, had to be completed under extremely difficult learning and examination conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Emil Cete, Deputy Director and Head of Upper School who bears the responsibility of the IB preparations. Cete continues, “Besides the resilience and the determination to learn on the part of the students, this outstanding result is also due to the tremendous commitment of the entire teaching and administrative staff.”

With this result, ISR reaffirms its status as one of Germany’s leading international private schools. Contributing to the excellent overall average is the targeted support offered to students according to their individual needs as well as intense guidance and support provided through our University and Career Counselors at ISR. The 38 point average in the IBD is the result of the outstanding achievement of the individual graduates this year. 31 percent of the class scored at least 40 out of a maximum of 45 points. This achievement – which is comparable to an average grade of 1.3 or better in the German Abitur – is usually only achieved by around three percent of IB students worldwide. In addition, 17% of the students in this year’s graduating class passed their exams with an outstanding IB grade of 42 points or above, which is equivalent to a German Abitur grade of 1.0. “This comparison alone impressively underscores this year’s excellent results,” emphasizes Peter Soliman, ISR School Proprietor. One of our students achieved the top grade with an outstanding 45 points in his IB Diploma – the maximum number of points that can be achieved. Soliman says, “There has never been a perfect score in the IB diploma before at ISR.” Previously, the top mark reached was 43 points.

“The outstanding results are a testament to the exceptional dedication and efforts of everyone involved in guiding our students on their path to success. Thanks to these brilliant results, this year’s graduates have excellent prospects for places at the best universities worldwide,” emphasizes Eileen Lyons, School Director at ISR. On average, ISR graduates received four university offers each. A quarter of the graduates will study in Germany, similarly a quarter will study in Great Britain, and others in the Netherlands. Additional study destinations include USA, Canada, Spain, Japan and renowned universities in Switzerland.

“Our graduates have once again shown that they are committed to their own success and that of their peers. The culture of achievement and recognition of excellence is in our DNA,” remarked Lyons.

Offers were received from King’s College London; University College London; the University of Toronto in Canada; Keio University in Japan; St. Gallen in Switzerland; universities in the USA such as Boston University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, and from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands as well as RWTH Aachen in Germany, among many others. Ms. Lyons states, “These university offers are a great vote of confidence in the high standard of the education offered at ISR. Many universities have had very good experiences with ISR graduates in recent years, which adds to our school’s excellent reputation.”

The international background of the graduating class of 2021, as well as the international university selection, highlights another important aspect of this year’s graduates: 65 percent were awarded a bilingual IB diploma. The IB Bilingual Diploma is extremely useful and highly valued on the international stage, as universities and future employers seek people who can communicate in multiple languages.

“Comprehensive counseling on university options and which course of study fits the students’ preferences, abilities and career planning is a key offering at ISR,” adds Peter Soliman. Therefore, early on, the school’s University and Career Counselors start advising students with a focus on their strengths, goals and career options. The entire university application process is closely monitored and professionally supported. Ulrike Wacker, one of ISR’s University and Career Counselors, says, “Many former students ask us for support when it comes to further career steps years after they have left ISR. Even in such cases, we are happy to help. Similarly, our active, constantly growing alumni network provides support to our former students.”
ISR International School on the Rhine gGmbH, based in Neuss, is a privately run international all-day school. More than 1,000 students from the region and around the world prepare together for internationally recognized school-leaving qualifications. Academic excellence and character building are at the heart of the education, qualifying students for study at leading universities in Germany and around the world. For younger children, ISR offers an international kindergarten on the ISR campus in Neuss, in Düsseldorf-Niederkassel, and a German-language branch in Meerbusch-Büderich. Inquiries about kindergarten, elementary school and secondary school are accepted year-round:

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Outstanding IB Results 2021

Outstanding IB Results 2021

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

We are in awe of our Graduating Class of 2021. The graduates mastered the toughest 18 months of their educational careers with resilience, and their hard work has paid off. All of this year’s ISR graduates passed the IB exam with resounding success!

In fact, this year’s graduating class achieved a history-making 38 grade point average – the best score in ISR history!

31% of this year’s graduating class achieved a score of 40 points and above out of a possible 45 points. 17% scored 42 points or above, which is the equivalent of a German Abitur grade of 1.0. Moreover, one of our graduates made history by achieving a full 45 points, the highest possible score, in his IB Diploma. The best final grade of ISR history!

Our ISR graduates received numerous offers from renowned universities worldwide, such as: University of Toronto, Keio University, St. Gallen, King’s College London, University College London, Boston University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Maastricht – just to name a few!

We couldn’t be prouder of this graduating class, a class that will go down in ISR history for its excellent results.

Dear Graduates – You have positively shaped the school and enriched it with your great minds and strong characters. We know that the future will hold only the best for you, and we are delighted that the excellent reputation of ISR will be carried on by you to the universities of this world!

“The outstanding results are a testament to the enormous dedication and effort of all those involved in guiding and preparing our students on their path to success” – Eileen Lyons.

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DFB Junior Coach Training at ISR

DFB Junior Coach Training at ISR

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

Last week, 13 enthusiastic soccer students successfully completed the DFB Junior Coach training at ISR. Under the guidance of Karsten Baumann, Head of the ISR Sports Department – a former Bundesliga player and coach, the students trained to become licensed junior coaches.

During the week, the students learned the theory of what it takes to be a trained coach by means of various case studies and also spent many hours on the sports field, putting the theory knowledge they acquired into practice. The training, which has been taking place at ISR for several years now in cooperation with the DFB, paves the way for the students to pursue a career in coaching.

At the end of the successful week, all participants received their certificates, which were presented to them by André Lengsfeld, who works at the commission for schools and daycare centers in the Rhein-Kreis-Neuss. Also represented on site were Nicola Ludwig, Junior Coach Mentor of the FVN, Wera Grumpe and Marie Weingenter, employees of the Youth and School Football Association and Leon Michalski, Commissioner of School Football Rhine District Neuss.

Congratulations to our 13 successful participants, who are now trained C coaches through the DFB Juniorcoach training – You’ve all done an amazing job!

We wish to thank everyone involved in this great cooperation and are looking forward to training more participants next year!

ISR Kindergarten Meerbusch BBQ

ISR Kindergarten Meerbusch BBQ

Monday, 05 July 2021

Today we had our first BBQ together in our new Kindergarten in Meerbusch. The families, teachers as well as staff members had the chance to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas in a familiar atmosphere.

For our little guests we organized a special highlight – two ponies were on site to surprise the children! The children were allowed to feed them, stroke them and ride on them. The beaming children’s eyes spoke for themselves and we are happy that our first get-together was so successful!

We are looking forward to our cooperation in the future and are proud that we are now distinguished by another kindergarten, which complements our kindergartens with its German-speaking offer!

ISR Kindergarten Düsseldorf: Kick-Off-BBQ in Neuss

ISR Kindergarten Düsseldorf: Kick-Off-BBQ in Neuss

Monday, 05 July 2021

Our ISR Kindergarten families, teachers and staff from Niederkassel gathered at ISR in Neuss to successfully conclude the first kindergarten year and celebrate it with a BBQ yesterday. Many delicious goodies were available for our guests and for the children. An especially big surprise were the two ponies on site, which the children were allowed to pet, feed and ride! The children were overjoyed when they saw the ponies! We are happy that we were able to host the families at ISR after a long time of not being able to host such events.

In order to give our families, the chance to exchange ideas and get to know new families of the ISR community, we are planning more BBQs for ISR in Neuss after the summer holidays. We are excited to once again have the opportunity to plan smaller outdoor events for our families and look forward to having the opportunity to see everyone in a safe environment!

International Boys’ Day

International Boys’ Day

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Today, we celebrate International Boys´ Day!

As a gesture of appreciation, we asked our wonderful community to record a short video in which they talk about their sons and what they appreciate most about them. We are happy to share this surprise with all of you and are very touched by their loving words. Enjoy watching the video!