DFB Junior Coach Training at ISR

Wednesday, 07 July 2021

Last week, 13 enthusiastic soccer students successfully completed the DFB Junior Coach training at ISR. Under the guidance of Karsten Baumann, Head of the ISR Sports Department – a former Bundesliga player and coach, the students trained to become licensed junior coaches.

During the week, the students learned the theory of what it takes to be a trained coach by means of various case studies and also spent many hours on the sports field, putting the theory knowledge they acquired into practice. The training, which has been taking place at ISR for several years now in cooperation with the DFB, paves the way for the students to pursue a career in coaching.

At the end of the successful week, all participants received their certificates, which were presented to them by André Lengsfeld, who works at the commission for schools and daycare centers in the Rhein-Kreis-Neuss. Also represented on site were Nicola Ludwig, Junior Coach Mentor of the FVN, Wera Grumpe and Marie Weingenter, employees of the Youth and School Football Association and Leon Michalski, Commissioner of School Football Rhine District Neuss.

Congratulations to our 13 successful participants, who are now trained C coaches through the DFB Juniorcoach training – You’ve all done an amazing job!

We wish to thank everyone involved in this great cooperation and are looking forward to training more participants next year!