The 49 graduates of ISR Neuss achieve record-breaking International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) results this year, reaffirming ISR’s status as one of the leading international private schools in Germany

Thursday, July 8, 2021

For the first time in the history of our school, ISR graduates achieved an average of 38 points, 5 points above the global average / One student attained a perfect score of 45 points – the highest possible score / 31 percent of graduates belong to the international top 3 % best list / 17 percent of graduates earned top grades – comparable to the Abitur grade of 1.0 / 65 % were awarded the prestigious Bilingual IB diploma / 12 nationalities make up the class of 2021/ And in the second year of Covid-19, three quarters of ISR graduates opt for renowned universities abroad.

The 49 graduates of ISR International School on the Rhine in Neuss and Düsseldorf achieved a record-breaking average of 38 points in their IB Diploma this year. In their International Baccalaureate Diploma, this year’s graduates, coming from 12 nations, scored 5 points above the global average of 33 points.

“This record-breaking IB score deserves all the recognition because this time, the two most crucial school years before graduation, had to be completed under extremely difficult learning and examination conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Emil Cete, Deputy Director and Head of Upper School who bears the responsibility of the IB preparations. Cete continues, “Besides the resilience and the determination to learn on the part of the students, this outstanding result is also due to the tremendous commitment of the entire teaching and administrative staff.”

With this result, ISR reaffirms its status as one of Germany’s leading international private schools. Contributing to the excellent overall average is the targeted support offered to students according to their individual needs as well as intense guidance and support provided through our University and Career Counselors at ISR. The 38 point average in the IBD is the result of the outstanding achievement of the individual graduates this year. 31 percent of the class scored at least 40 out of a maximum of 45 points. This achievement – which is comparable to an average grade of 1.3 or better in the German Abitur – is usually only achieved by around three percent of IB students worldwide. In addition, 17% of the students in this year’s graduating class passed their exams with an outstanding IB grade of 42 points or above, which is equivalent to a German Abitur grade of 1.0. “This comparison alone impressively underscores this year’s excellent results,” emphasizes Peter Soliman, ISR School Proprietor. One of our students achieved the top grade with an outstanding 45 points in his IB Diploma – the maximum number of points that can be achieved. Soliman says, “There has never been a perfect score in the IB diploma before at ISR.” Previously, the top mark reached was 43 points.

“The outstanding results are a testament to the exceptional dedication and efforts of everyone involved in guiding our students on their path to success. Thanks to these brilliant results, this year’s graduates have excellent prospects for places at the best universities worldwide,” emphasizes Eileen Lyons, School Director at ISR. On average, ISR graduates received four university offers each. A quarter of the graduates will study in Germany, similarly a quarter will study in Great Britain, and others in the Netherlands. Additional study destinations include USA, Canada, Spain, Japan and renowned universities in Switzerland.

“Our graduates have once again shown that they are committed to their own success and that of their peers. The culture of achievement and recognition of excellence is in our DNA,” remarked Lyons.

Offers were received from King’s College London; University College London; the University of Toronto in Canada; Keio University in Japan; St. Gallen in Switzerland; universities in the USA such as Boston University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, and from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands as well as RWTH Aachen in Germany, among many others. Ms. Lyons states, “These university offers are a great vote of confidence in the high standard of the education offered at ISR. Many universities have had very good experiences with ISR graduates in recent years, which adds to our school’s excellent reputation.”

The international background of the graduating class of 2021, as well as the international university selection, highlights another important aspect of this year’s graduates: 65 percent were awarded a bilingual IB diploma. The IB Bilingual Diploma is extremely useful and highly valued on the international stage, as universities and future employers seek people who can communicate in multiple languages.

“Comprehensive counseling on university options and which course of study fits the students’ preferences, abilities and career planning is a key offering at ISR,” adds Peter Soliman. Therefore, early on, the school’s University and Career Counselors start advising students with a focus on their strengths, goals and career options. The entire university application process is closely monitored and professionally supported. Ulrike Wacker, one of ISR’s University and Career Counselors, says, “Many former students ask us for support when it comes to further career steps years after they have left ISR. Even in such cases, we are happy to help. Similarly, our active, constantly growing alumni network provides support to our former students.”
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