Spotlight On Our Student Koga

This week, we are proud to spotlight our third-grader Koga.

Koga joined ISR in 2021 and has been working diligently to not only learn English and German, but to excel in his other subjects! He is tenacious and works well with his classmates. These are some of the reasons he is so well liked by his teachers and fellow students.

Ms. Palmieri, Koga’s third-grade teacher says, “It is so wonderful to have Koga in 3D!  Koga is kind, polite and well-mannered.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand and is very thoughtful of his classmates.  Koga is also very smart! He excels in Math, especially with difficult multiplication and division facts.  He is a great problem solver and never gives up when things are tough! Koga started learning English here at ISR and works diligently each day to improve.  I am so proud of his perseverance.  On the soccer field, Koga continues to shine.  He is a great athlete and an even better teammate.  Koga is a shining example for all his peers!”

Koga is also showing his commitment to learning in his German lessons. His teacher, Ms. Wang-Schütze, explains, “Koga is very responsible and helpful on the German lessons. He has been making huge improvements in German, especially in grammar. As German teacher I am very proud of his nomination.”

Koga also stands out in his music lessons. His teacher, Ms. Bucher, says, “In Music Koga is very quick at recognizing note values and note letter names.  While I’m helping others, Koga works independently on his recorder finger positions. He zips right through the repertoire, and because he is so well-liked by his classmates, this impresses them and inspires them. He helps to hold the bar high for 3D!”

We are proud to spotlight Koga, one of ISR’s many outstanding students!


The ISR Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our students from the ISR Community every Friday, who embodies our guiding principle “We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters” by consistently surpassing themselves. Whether through outstanding academic achievements, exceptional dedication, or remarkable character traits – we take pride in having already showcased hundreds of students – and there is more to look forward to every week!