Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Zoi

Friday, 10 September 2021

This week, we spotlight our creative eleventh-grader Zoi, who joined ISR in second grade. Zoi is a cheerful and positive student, and always in a good mood with a great sense of humor. Zoi is very emphatic and classmates, as well as teachers, can always rely on her, as she is incredibly helpful. In the academic field, she shows great effort and is a determined student. She is very ambitious and hardworking, which is also reflected in her excellent grades. Due to her communicative nature, she actively participates in the classroom and is a wonderful student due to her great work ethic, among so many other things.

This school year, Zoi has taken on a very responsible role, she is the SLOⓇ Head prefect. She has just recently led her team through several community events, which she actively helped organize. Her Student Life Coordinator, Ms. Bezuidenhout, adds “As head prefect, Zoi exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in SLOⓇ  Department and shows everyone her helpful nature. She is doing a great job.” In this role, she shows her organizational skills and her leadership personality. After graduating next school year, she is planning to study psychology or business in the Netherlands. We are sure that whatever she decides, a successful future will be open to her, in which she will continue to develop and achieve new goals.

We are very proud to spotlight Zoi, one of ISR’s many outstanding students!

Every Friday, our Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our outstanding students who represent our school motto, “we enable great minds and strong characters”. No matter if it is academic success, special commitment or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.