Spotlight On Our Student Yingzhi

This week, we are proud to spotlight our third-grader, Yingzhi.

Yingzhi joined ISR in 2020 and has endeared herself to her teachers and fellow classmates with her drive and positive attitude. She was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Palmieri, who has been impressed by Yingzhi’s performance in her classroom.

“Yingzhi has been such a positive influence in 3D this school year! She starts each morning with a smile and a friendly ‘Good morning!’ to her teacher and classmates.  Her organizational skills are outstanding, and her cubby and school materials are always meticulously kept.  Yingzhi is friendly, kind and thoughtful.  She always makes sure everyone feels included and gets a turn.  Additionally, Yingzhi is an excellent inquisitive student.  She is never afraid to ask questions and extend her learning.  Yingzhi loves to read! Her love for reading is evident in her writing which is filled with enriched vocabulary and the most imaginative ideas.  She is a skilled mathematician and a great problem solver.  Yingzhi is an all-around wonderful student and classmate.  Funny, smart, clever, curious, unique and considerate, all rolled into one! I am excited to see her continued success in Grade 4 next school year!”

Yingzhi’s music teacher, Ms. Bucher, has great things to say about her as well, “Yingzhi has drive!  She enjoys working to improve and to excel.  But she also has a wonderful sense of humour and is clever with word play.  As her Music teacher for three years, I’ve long known what a good musician she is; but I’ve recently learned something else about Yingzhi. She has a knack for engineering, too.  The class has been working on creating board games about musical instruments, and Yingzhi’s group decided to create a complex, 3-D board.  I have observed her contributing thoughtful input on how to design it and build it so that it stands properly.  Yingzhi is an all-around joy!”

We are very proud to spotlight Yingzhi, one of ISR’s many outstanding students!


The ISR Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our students from the ISR-Community every Friday, who embodies our guiding principle “We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters” by consistently surpassing themselves. Whether through outstanding academic achievements, exceptional dedication, or remarkable character traits – we take pride in having already showcased hundreds of students – and there is more to look forward to every week!