Spotlight On Our Student Olivia

This week, we are proud to spotlight our first-grader Olivia. 

Olivia joined our ISR Kindergarten in Düsseldorf in 2020 and is now standing out in her first-grade class at ISR Neuss.  

Ms. Ghica, the Academic Coordinator for Grade 1, was excited to nominate Olivia for this week’s spotlight: “It’s with great pleasure that we shine a spotlight on Olivia, one of our exceptional Grade 1 students! Olivia’s presence in the classroom has been nothing short of inspiring, both academically and in her interactions with her classmates. Inside the classroom, Olivia consistently demonstrates a thirst for knowledge that is truly remarkable for her age. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and she eagerly participates in discussions, always offering insightful contributions. Beyond her academic excellence, Olivia’s kindness and empathy shine brightly in her interactions with others. She is always quick to offer a helping hand to her classmates, fostering a sense of community and support within her classroom. Keep up the fantastic work, Olivia!” 

Olivia’s first grade teacher, Ms. Vosters, adds: “Olivia is a kind and empathetic little girl. She never hesitates to help anyone and is always aware of her peers’ feelings. She works neatly and enjoys her days at school. She plays with lots of children and always includes others. Olivia comes from Denmark and is very proud of her country, she often shares lots of interesting stories about this beautiful country. It’s been so nice having Olivia in our class and I know she will continue to spread her joy.” 

Olivia also stood out during her time in kindergarten. Her teacher, Ms Andrada, had many good things to say. “Olivia was always good at telling funny stories and was always happy and smiling. She had many friends across the kindergarten and was a well-respected member of her group. Olivia was helpful, kind, and generous and would always assist the Educator with any activity she was tasked with. We would like to congratulate Olivia on being nominated for the Student Spotlight and we wish her every success!” 

We are proud to spotlight Olivia, one of ISR’s many outstanding students! 

The ISR Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our students from the ISR Community every Friday, who embodies our guiding principle “We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters” by consistently surpassing themselves. Whether through outstanding academic achievements, exceptional dedication, or remarkable character traits – we take pride in having already showcased hundreds of students – and there is more to look forward to every week!