Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our Student Lucas

Friday, 27 May 2021

This week, we spotlight our second-grader Lucas, who joined ISR in first grade. Lucas is a ray of sunshine and had no problems adapting quickly at ISR.

He feels very comfortable and loves going to school, as Supervisor Mr. Mo confirms with a laugh, “When Lucas is picked up by his father, it can sometimes take a while. Lucas enjoys the time after school with his friends and would love to spend the whole evening playing with them on the playground.”

In academics, he is extremely determined. He actively participates in class and is always prepared to answer any questions. His music teacher, Ms. Bucher, sees a lot of potential in Lucas and says about him, “Lucas has so many good qualities.  He’s funny and quick-witted.  He’s also very musical.  But I think my favorite quality is his empathy.  He is very concerned about his classmates’ feelings, never wanting anyone to feel sad, left out, or hurt.  In Music class, he is leading the story-writing group for a project and really wanted to be sure that everyone received recognition for their good work.”

We are very proud to spotlight Lucas one of ISR’s many outstanding students!

Every Friday, our Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our outstanding students who represent our school motto, “we enable great minds and strong characters”. No matter if it is academic success, special commitment or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.