Spotlight On Our Student Linda


This week, we spotlight our eleventh grader Linda, who joined ISR in Grade 9. Linda is an intelligent young woman who is currently in IBDP Year 1 and aims to study Law in Germany.  She is a role model for her peers and is recognized by her teachers for being kind, thoughtful, and reflective. In addition to focusing on her academic studies, Linda takes on leadership roles in the Model United Nations, SLC, and Mock Trials. ISR Student Life coordinator, Ms. Gander, says “Linda has been a fantastic student leader, managing the Lower Primary department in SLC. She has organized a number of events for our primary students, together with her team. She is friendly, positive, and a valued member of SLC.”

Also, her Spanish teacher, Ms. Hautz, is deeply impressed with her achievements and personality “Linda is one of the most caring, gentle, and reflective students I know. She thinks of her future in a solidary, intellectual, and creative way.” Linda’s fields of interest are very diverse, and she is highly committed. Last year, Linda supported our Head of IT during his summer camp, throughout which she demonstrated her enthusiasm, kind personality and leadership skills. Annika Poestges, Head of the ISR Marketing Department, adds “During an event, I had the pleasure of meeting Linda, who struck me as an exceptionally friendly and creative person. Her enthusiasm for supporting ISR in her free time was truly inspiring, and her positive attitude was like a ray of sunshine. Given her strong and positive character, I have no doubt that Linda will continue to thrive and achieve great success in the future. It will be exciting to see all that she accomplishes!”

We are very proud to spotlight Linda, one of ISR’s many outstanding students!

Every Friday, our Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our outstanding students who, in line with this year’s theme, is striving for “extraordinary achievements” on a daily basis. No matter if it is academic success, special commitment or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.