Spotlight On Our Student Anna

This week, we are proud to spotlight our fifth-grader Anna.

Anna joined ISR in 2018 and is an exceptional student! She is respected by her friends and teachers alike.

Her German teacher, Ms. Scholz, says, “Anna is an outstanding student, not only from an academic point of view. She is always in a good mood and enriches the lessons with good contributions and infectious enthusiasm. Anna accepts every challenge and tackles all subjects with vigour. She is always a great team player in her interactions with her classmates. Due to her uncomplicated and cheerful nature, it is an absolute enrichment to have her in the classroom”.

Anna’s Music teacher, Mr. Perez, adds, “Anna is an amazing student. Full of energy and kindness. Always keen to learn and go beyond what is expected. She is very responsible, organized and more than anything, humble.”

Ms. Duenas, who had Anna in her Kindergarten class, says, “Anna was in KG with me in 2018-2019. She was always very hardworking, kind, diligent, and very respectful towards others. She was wonderful to have, and we still greet each other in passing.”

Ms. Morris, a member of our Primary School Team at ISR, has great additional things to add about the fifth grader. “She has always been a bright, inquisitive, energetic presence in the classroom. She is an incredibly empathetic student, always considering the equitability and fairness of a situation for everyone involved. In Grade 1, she even formed a club with a few other students to help clean up the playground during break times as a way to help our planet. Anna perfectly exemplifies our motto, ‘It’s cool to be good!’.”

We are proud to spotlight Anna, one of ISR’s many outstanding students!


The ISR Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our students from the ISR Community every Friday, who embodies our guiding principle “We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters” by consistently surpassing themselves. Whether through outstanding academic achievements, exceptional dedication, or remarkable character traits – we take pride in having already showcased hundreds of students – and there is more to look forward to every week!