Spotlight On Our Student Catarina

This week we would like to spotlight our 7th Grade student, Catarina, who has been at ISR since 1st grade! Catarina is a bright, friendly and honest girl who is known to impact people with her smile.This year she joined as a Senior Prefect in the Sports & Health department in our Student Life Organization® (SLO) for the first time and she enjoys working with her classmates on different projects.

Catarina is not only a great asset to the Student Life Organization®, but also contributes positively to her learning environment. She is always ready to help her fellow classmates and provide assistance to others. Catarina’s friends particularly appreciate her honesty. A recent example describing this good quality occurred last week. Catarina found a considerable amount of cash under the keyboard of her computer. The seventh-grader knew very well that the money was missing for another student and informed our librarian immediately and handed the money to her. We are very proud of the seventh grader and very impressed by her morals and values. Mr. Mo couldn’t have said it better: Stay like you are!

We are very proud to spotlight Catarina, one of many of ISR’s outstanding students!

Our Student Spotlight project aims to highlight every Friday one of our outstanding students who is, appropriate to this year’s theme, striving for “extraordinary achievements” on a daily basis. No matter if its academic success, a special commitment, or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.