Spotlight On Our Student Pamela

Pamela (6B) came to ISR from Finland in the summer of 2018. Pamela settled in very quickly into ISR’s sports community and in August she became the Neusser City Champion in the 3-part Track and Field competition (long jump, ball throwing, and sprinting) and in the 800 meters sprint.

Pamela never misses training, is always there for her teammates, and constantly works very hard to improve herself. Last Sunday in a high-ranking Track and Field competition, Pamela was second runner-up in the Shot Put, one of her favorite events, with a length of 8.45 meters.

We are proud to spotlight Pamela, one of many of ISR’s outstanding students.

Our “Student Spotlight” project aims to highlight every Friday one of our outstanding students who is, appropriate to this year’s theme, “Staying Ahead”. No matter if academic achievements, special commitment, or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.