Turkish Consul General in Düsseldorf, Mr. İzbul, visited ISR

Friday, 1 December 2023

Today, we were delighted to extended a warm welcome to the Turkish Consul General in Düsseldorf, Mr. İzbul, during his visit to ISR.

The day began with a heartwarming welcome from Turkish Grade 1 students, who presented a self-made sign for the Consul General. The entire Management Team at ISR also extended a gracious welcome to our distinguished guest, setting the stage for a morning of connection and collaboration. The event was furthermore enriched by the presence of around 40 families from our Turkish Community at ISR, who came together to organize a delightful Turkish breakfast. Before the breakfast began, Mr. Soliman, Proprietor of ISR, extended words of welcome to the Consul General and our Turkish Community, emphasizing the strong cohesion and international spirit at ISR. “Cultural diversity highlights the uniqueness of ISR, as our families represent 60 different nationalities. We are very proud of our international ISR Community and teaching staff. Events like these provide valuable opportunities for our ISR Family to come together. The number of Turkish families has grown significantly in recent years and we highly value the cultural exchange and partnership with the T.C. Düsseldorf Başkonsolosluğu.”

Following the breakfast, two of our students, Berhan and Kerem, along with a member of our Admissions Team, Ms. Ljungqvist, had the privilege of guiding Consul General İzbul around our campus. They provided valuable insights into our educational approach at ISR, sharing the unique features that make our institution a place for fostering academic excellence and character development.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Consul General İzbul for taking the time to visit ISR and engage with our Turkish Community. As Mr. İzbul said in the beginning, “The partnership between Türkiye and North Rhine-Westphalia is not only significant but also strong, with education being a central element. Kindergarten and schools such as ISR in the Düsseldorf area make an important contribution due to their cultural diversity, and educating students to global thinking citizens.” His presence added a special touch to our multicultural environment, reaffirming the importance of international collaboration.

A huge thank you also goes to our dedicated Turkish Community and its representative, Ms. Kaya, who organized the get-together in such a special way for all to enjoy.

We look forward to continued exchanges and partnerships that enhance the global perspective within our ISR Community!