Sustainability at ISR – Our students take responsibility

Monday, 27 January 2020

Sustainability at ISR - Our students take responsibility

Sustainability has always been a hot topic with a global impact and is gaining in importance from day-to-day. At ISR we have been trying to be more sustainable for some time, including various important projects ranging from Kindergarten to Upper School.

Examples of our drive for sustainability include the Bee Hotel in Kindergarten, the planting of new plant beds, our ecological SLOⓇ Club “Green Gods” that directly focuses on efficient ideas for improving sustainability in the ISR, our solar panels, and many others. We are very happy that we are now going in the right direction with a sustainable mindset.

Accordingly, together with a parent representative and our in-house catering company, Broich Catering & Locations we have decided to dispense with all disposable crockery and cutlery in the near future. We are counting on your cooperation here, as several procedures have to be changed and adjusted to ensure the implementation of this important initiative. This particular change will be put in place at our ISR International Spring Festival on April 25th (11:00 am – 03:00 pm) and we are looking forward to the significant impact it will have on our ISR environment.