Spotlight On Our Student Viola

This week, we are proud to spotlight our ninth-grader Viola. 

Viola joined ISR in 2021 and displays a positive attitude that endears her to both her teachers and fellow classmates. She is a hard-working student who challenges herself and works well with her peers. 

Mr. Kubrick, Viola’s English teacher, says, “Viola deserves the spotlight for her tireless and consistent work ethic. In every lesson, she puts in tremendous effort to not only engage with the process, but also to challenge herself and those around her, earning top marks in the process. Another important trait Viola demonstrates is open-mindedness. English is a course in which self-expression and communication are key skills. In both, Viola performs exceptionally well, working well with her classmates despite differing perspectives and interpretations. She is – above all – a good person, and these character traits manifest in her relationships with those around her. It is for these reasons that I nominated her for the ISR Student Spotlight.” 

Viola’s Physics teacher, Mr. Kirk, adds, “Viola is a curious and diligent student who actively participates in class, helps her classmates, and approaches experiments creatively. Her positive attitude, strong analytical skills, and collaborative spirit make her a valued and reliable member of our physics class”. 

Ms. Adamczyk, Viola’s homeroom teacher, as well as her former German teacher adds, “Viola has an excellent work ethic as well as a polite and respectful demeanour. Whether she’s engaging with peers, teachers, or staff, she is a pleasure to interact with. Her combination of hard work and positive attitude makes her a role model for other students, inspiring them to adopt similar values. 

We are proud to spotlight Viola, one of ISR’s many outstanding students! 

The ISR Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our students from the ISR-Community every Friday, who embodies our guiding principle “We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters” by consistently surpassing themselves. Whether through outstanding academic achievements, exceptional dedication, or remarkable character traits – we take pride in having already showcased hundreds of students – and there is more to look forward to every week!