Russian Maslenitsa festival at ISR

Friday, 22 March 2019

Last friday, we celebrated the traditional Russian Maslenitsa festival with our ISR community. We had such a good time learning about this festival, the origins behind it and being immersed in the cultural activities. Our Russian parents busied themselves by making homemade traditional food, drinks, and other symbolic arrangements.

The afternoon was filled with a lot activities and performances by our students, teachers, and parents. One of our Russian parents sewed the traditional dresses and the community wore traditional costumes and attire, which were worn by the teachers involved in the program. One of the days highlight was the bonfire! During which we burnt the Maslenitsa Doll which signifies new beginnings and to welcome in Spring!

We would like to thank all our students, teachers, and especially our parents who were involved in organizing and preparing for this event. It was a huge success and that’s all because of you!