ISR Students For Charity

Monday, 30 August 2021

Social Commitment is an important matter for our students at ISR. Our CAS classes at ISR promote social awareness, and the students, in turn, support projects close to their hearts.

One such example is that of our Upper School Student Daniel, who sells his art for a good cause. Buyers can decide whether they wish to donate the proceeds to a children’s hospice or to the flood victims (German Red Cross). Over the past few weeks, Daniel has set up a booth at our community events, where he exhibited and also very successfully sold his art!

Our staff is also very keen to support such impactful projects! Mr. Cete, ISR Deputy Director, purchased his first piece of art from Daniel! Mr. Cete has kindly decided to have the art piece hung in the admin area of the school to showcase Daniels talents and of course to shine a light on his charitable endeavors! 😊

All of Daniel’s artworks can be found on the following website:

An amazing project and we are proud that the whole ISR Family is happy to support him and the good cause!