ISR Students for Charity – Amazing CAS Project

Thursday, 11 November 2021

As part of his CAS project, our G12 IB student Daniel painted several artworks which he sold to our ISR community. Daniel proceeded to donate the proceeds of the sale to charity. To raise awareness for this project, Daniel used various ISR events to exhibit his paintings, as well as the online ISR Merchandise Shop. Interested buyers had the option to choose whether the proceeds would go to the Children and Youth Hospice in Düsseldorf or to the German Red Cross for flood victims.

Last Thursday, the handover of the proceeds took place at the Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf. Daniel, together with ISR CAS Coordinator – Mr. Urban, handed over a check for 1770 Euros (!) to the manager of the Regenbogenland, Ms. Eschweiler. In addition to the incredible donation, Daniel donated four of his paintings to the children’s and youth hospice. The Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Regenbogenland cares for numerous of families with children who have a shortened life expectancy and actively supports these families in their everyday lives and above all tries to relieve them of subsequent stress. Families can visit the Regenbogenland for stays several times a year and use it as a retreat or vacation stay.

“Especially for siblings of ill children, we offer a special holiday and care program. It enables them to share experiences with other siblings and to have a good time together. There are special days where it’s all about their wishes. Oftentimes the siblings do not receive the attention they need, because families pay more attention to the sick children,” said the manager Ms. Eschweiler.

“It is very important to us that we give the children and their families the opportunity to have a nice and relaxing time with us and to make the remaining time together as fulfilling and positive as possible. Especially for our guests who require more support, we have many activities on offer in which they can easily participate. These include regular music therapy, creative activities, but also monthly visits from two clowns for clown therapy, the clown really makes our visitors laugh. Among many other activities, another highlight for our guests is dog therapy. The children enjoy the time with animals so much, and we especially notice that the visit not only does good for their mental state, but often physical improvements show up as well. We as a support association finance our unique Regenbogenland from donations and do not receive any government subsidies, so we can use Daniel’s generous donation all the more. Every cent contributes towards our mission to enable moments of happiness and closeness for our families. We will use it to fund further activities for the children and are very grateful that such a generous young man thought of us.”

We as an educational institution are very proud of Daniel’s decision to support Regenbogenland. Well done Daniel!