ISR Mock Trial

Thursday, 29 April 2021

This week on Tuesday, our students Maria, Alex, and Jonathan from Grade 11 organized a mock trial for their Grade 11 peers.

A mock trial is a simulation of a lower-court criminal trial, where each student gets the chance to delve into a different role and experience what it is like to work in a courtroom. The roles range from attorneys, judges, and clerks to photographers and witnesses, so everyone can experience a unique role. Not only do students practice their ability to formulate arguments and hone their public speaking skills, but they also empathize by putting themselves into the position of others.

In this trial, a police officer, was accused of attempted murder of a high school student. Two teams of attorneys were responsible for defending or prosecuting the convicted and their cases were judged by a jury that ultimately decided he was guilty. Furthermore, to add to the authenticity of the trial, a clerk oversaw any exhibits provided by the attorneys as well as swearing all participants in. The bailiff on the other hand made sure everyone in the courtroom was well-behaved.

As this event was a major success and all the students enjoyed it, Maria plans on planning another trial on an even larger scale for all our upper school students. Another great chance to engage with others as well as to improve important communication skills!