ISR Coding Camp 2022

Monday, 18 July 2022

Mr. Ellis, Head of Computer Science, led five students in our first successful ISR Coding Camp. In the beginning of the week, the participants learned how to write and execute Python programs on the micro:bit. They used simple coding patterns before using General-Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins to connect it to external hardware components, such as LEDs and speakers.

During the next two days, the students focused on environment-themed projects, such as creating a Bird Conservation Website and using App Inventor to create a Food Production Quiz that could be downloaded and used on a mobile device. Upon completion of these projects, each participant received a certificate for their successful work. The last two days focused on creating 3D objects and animations using Blender software and designing a ‘CODER’ key ring using Blocks CAD. Each key ring was 3D printed and handed to the students at the end of the ISR Coding Camp 2022 as e memory for all participating students.

We thank Mr. Ellis for this exciting week, and we look forward to another ISR Coding Camp next year.