First Grade Ceremony At ISR

On 19th August 2020, our First Graders celebrated a very special event: their first day of school in Grade 1 at ISR!

In order to honour this special day, we invited close friends and families of our students to enjoy a morning of celebration in a safe, beautifully decorated open-air ceremony which took place on our school campus.
After the welcome speeches by the School Director, Ms. Lyons, and Mr. Soliman, the School Proprietor, the Academic Head for Primary School, Ms. Morris, invited third-grader, Hannan, to the stage to perform the ISR school song for those in attendance.
Following the performance, all first graders were invited to come on stage to receive their school cones, pick up their school bags and meet the other students in their new classes. The enthusiasm and excitement was palpable and students’ beaming faces could hardly be overlooked!

We are proud that our strong ISR community is continuing to grow and that we’ve enriched it with so many more nationalities.

We are very pleased that the first day of school was a complete success for our first graders and we welcome all our new students to ISR – where it’s cool to be good!