Spotlight On Our Student Vincent

This week, we spotlight our KG student Vincent, better known as Vinni! Vinni is an excellent student and classmate and always supports his friends and teachers. His teacher Ms. Lenz says about him, “Vinni is mature, kind and always eager to help his friends and teachers. What would I do without Vinni? Our class has so many daily tasks and Vinni is able to complete these perfectly. From holding the door, line-leader, pencil helper, book helper, bell ringer, table cleaner, floor sweeper, hallway and bathroom monitor, he can do it all and with a smile.

“He always has something interesting to share with the class. His favorite hobby is building with Lego and in the classroom he has shown creativity and thoughtfulness in his designs. We are happy that Vinni is part of our ISR community, he has such an gentle character and we are so excited for his future.“

We are very proud to spotlight Vincent one of ISR’s many outstanding students!

Every Friday, our Student Spotlight Project aims to highlight one of our outstanding students who, in line with this year’s theme, is striving for “extraordinary achievements” on a daily basis. No matter if it is academic success, special commitment or outstanding character traits – we look forward to sharing each of these success stories.