Visit of Ms. Dagmar Wandt, Head of the Office for Schools and Education in Düsseldorf

Monday, 11 September 2023

Last Friday, we were honored to welcome Ms. Dagmar Wandt, Head of the Office for Schools and Education in Düsseldorf, to ISR.

Ms. Wandt was warmly welcomed by our kindergarten children, who greeted her with a home-made welcome sign, as well as by our ISR Management Team and Head of ISR Parent Network, Caroline Williams. Following her welcome, she was given a tour of the school by our Head of Marketing, Ms. Poestges.

During the kindergarten and school tour, Ms. Wandt was invited to visit two classes in our ISR Primary and Upper School. Accompanied by representatives of the press and radio, our visitors first went to Dr. Mitchell’s 11th-grade class, where the visitors were given an insight into a chemistry lesson. The main focus was on Dr. Mitchell’s modern teaching methods, including the use of the 3D program “Labster” and various simulations. Rosa and Alessandro warmly welcomed Ms. Wandt to their class and explained to her what the class was working on at the moment.

Afterwards, Ms. Wandt visited a class at our ISR Primary School, where our students were engaged in various group projects. Ms. Wandt had the opportunity to observe how AI and VR goggles are used in the classroom to encourage and enable individual learning experiences. Our students Filippos, Felicia, and Noé were happy to explain to Ms. Wandt and our visitors what digital learning at ISR means to them. She was visibly impressed by the state of digitization at ISR, which she reflected on during the exchange with our Academic Heads afterwards.

In the following discussion with School Director Ms. Lyons, Deputy School Director Mr. Cete, Proprietor Mr. Soliman, Head of Marketing Ms. Poestges, our ISR Parent Network Representative Ms. Williams, and our Academic Heads views were exchanged on trends in education, digitalization in the classroom, and the importance of support programs for the well-being of students.

We sincerely thank Ms. Wandt for the visit, her commitment to education, especially in the implementation of technology in the classroom, and her dedicated efforts to positively influence educational programs in the region. We look forward to further deepening the bond with the city of Düsseldorf.