Our Vision

Our Vision for the Future: A Leader in International Education in Europe

As ISR continues to grow and thrive, we are driven by an inspiring vision to become one of the top international schools in Europe known for academic excellence. Additionally, we will continue to develop our students into well-rounded, multi-lingual, self-aware and socially-responsible global citizens.

Realizing our Vision

To be a leading school in international education, we believe a strong and well-rounded academic program is essential. An academic benchmark for this vision is to be recognized among the top international schools in Europe with the highest IB grades. All of our graduating classes have achieved top IB grades and university offers from highly-regarded universities worldwide. We will continue to expand our network of top university contacts around the world, by offering our students additional university and career guidance opportunities.

We aim to provide a well-rounded education. Our goal is to help students attain native-level proficiency in a second language. We cultivate critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, preparing students for success in prestigious universities worldwide. Our curriculum prepares students to excel in demanding academic and university environments and instills a passion for lifelong learning in each individual.

Preparing for Life: Empowering Global Citizens and Future Leaders

We are committed to educational leadership alongside our role as an integral part of the local community. Our students learn to be active and responsible global citizens while developing essential leadership skills.

Making a Difference

Our students have ample opportunities to make a positive impact in the world through our Student Leadership Council and the IB Diploma Program. We encourage and facilitate participation in community service and charity projects, both locally and internationally. Through social involvement, students cultivate self-awareness, social consciousness, and personal leadership skills, as well as a clear sense of purpose.

Committed to the Community

As a school, we model community leadership through our partnerships and involvement in local and international initiatives. We actively collaborate with organizations and companies and support charities such as Friedensdorf and the Familienzentrum in Neuss. Our increased presence and engagement in the community enable us to offer a wider range of events, including seminars, workshops, and community gatherings. We strive to build a thriving and inclusive community, as well as engage with the wider public.

ISR Alumni continue their education at esteemed universities across Germany and worldwide. Having formed strong bonds at ISR – often as early as in Kindergarten – these friendships endure through university and beyond. Despite the distance, today’s technology makes it easy to stay in touch and network from anywhere in the world. As our graduates enter the workforce, we aim to cultivate a robust worldwide ISR Alumni Network, providing valuable opportunities for mutual growth and support. By prioritizing these key elements, ISR can fulfill its mission of enabling great minds and strong characters, nurturing graduates who are well-equipped to succeed.

What We Stand For

We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters