Our Vision

Our Vision for the Future: A Leader in International Education in Europe

As ISR continues to grow and thrive, we are driven by an inspiring vision to become one of the top international schools in Europe known for academic excellence. Additionally, we will continue to develop our students into well-rounded, multi-lingual, self-aware and socially-responsible global citizens.

Realizing our Vision

To be a leading school in international education, we believe a strong and well-rounded academic program is essential. An academic benchmark for this vision is to be recognized among the top international schools in Europe with the highest IB grades. All of our graduating classes have achieved top IB grades and university offers from highly-regarded universities worldwide. We will continue to expand our network of top university contacts around the world, by offering our students additional university and career guidance opportunities.

  • Provide a well-rounded education based on the mastery of English, German, Mathematics, and Science
  • Enable students to acquire a firm command of a second language at a native level
  • Train students in logical reasoning and critical thinking
  • Strive to qualify every student for entrance into colleges/universities around the world
  • Prepare students to compete and succeed in rigorous academic and university settings.
  • Instill a desire for lifelong learning in every student

Not only do we intend to build on our strengths as an educational leaders, we are also expanding our role as a pillar of our local community. Likewise, our students learn how to get involved as global citizens and leaders.

Our students make a difference

We will continue to increase opportunities for our students to make a difference in the world as they grow into globally responsible citizens. Through our  Student Life Organization® and in preparation for the IB diploma, we encourage and require our students to be involved in local, as well as international, community service, and charity projects.

Social involvement helps our students learn self-awareness, social consciousness, and personal leadership, as well as develop a sense of purpose and direction for the future.

ISR in the community

As a school, we role-model community leadership by getting involved in partnerships and community initiatives. We actively reach out to our international communities, as well as many local and international organizations and companies.

In addition, ISR works with charities, such as Friedensdorf and the Familienzentrum in Neuss, as well as others, to help our families make a difference to others. ISR is represented at many external events and will continue to increase our presence and involvement in our community.

As we increase our community involvement, we are able to offer more community events at our school. Our community-building efforts include seminars, workshops, and events for our school community as well as the public.

ISR graduates go on to study at well-regarded universities in Germany and around the world. As many ISR students begin school together in Kindergarten, they formed strong friendships that continue through university and beyond. Despite the distance, today’s technology makes it easy to stay in touch and network from around the world. As our graduating classes go on to university and eventually enter the working world, we intend to build a strong worldwide network of ISR Alumni, whose experiences and networks can be of mutual benefit to ISR Alumni for years to come.

What We Stand For

We Enable Great Minds and Strong Characters