Summer concerts at ISR

Saturday, 01 June 2019

This week at ISR, we celebrated the start of summer with our summer concerts, performed by our students in Grades 1-8.  Every morning teachers, parents, friends and students gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy the concerts and performances by the students, thus starting off the day in a great mood. The tiny tots in the Kindergarten kicked off the summer concerts last Friday with a lot of dancing, singing and instrumental performances. Not to be outdone, our grades 1-8 gave their best this week and commenced their concerts with our ISR school song. In addition to the concerts, there were numerous ballet performances as well as acting performances by our very talented students.

Technical support for the concert was provided by SLO® Club “ISR Sound Crew”, which took care of the sound system during the concert series. The students of the SLO® Club Creative Minds, led by ISR Mum, Susie Seum, were responsible for the superbly decorated stage and the light show.

Parents had the opportunity to get together after the concerts and enjoy the rest of their morning over snacks and beverages.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their support! Our talented students have astounded us with their outstanding performances. A huge thank you goes to our dedicated music, drama and dance teachers, for their time and efforts in preparing and mentoring our students over months.

Our next musical highlight follows on 1st June at the Schumannfest. See you there!