Successful ISR Arts Evening

Thursday, 1 June 2023

Yesterday, we witnessed a new tradition that will inspire and captivate our ISR community for years to come; the Annual ISR Arts Evening. The Entrance Hall was transformed into a haven of creativity, showcasing the talents of our students in drama, music, and art.

Underneath our vibrant display of flags from all over the world, 20 talented students took the stage, guided by our dedicated music, drama, and art departments. With an audience of 100 guests, the event was a platform for our students to showcase their acting prowess and skillfully play various instruments, including the piano and wind instruments. In addition, an exhibition featured stunning artwork from students across all grade levels left lasting impressions on our guests. The exhibition can still be admired today in our school foyer.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the parents and students who joined us in celebrating this special evening. Your support and presence added to the magic of the event. We would also like to express our appreciation to our ISR Parent Network, whose unwavering support helped make this event possible, as well as to our dedicated SLO students. A sincere thanks to Ms. Bucher, Ms. Henebry, Ms. Ewing, Mr. Perez, and Mr. Sinclair – our music, art, and drama teachers – who lovingly prepared our students for this event.

A special acknowledgment goes to Ms. Gander, our Head of Creative Arts & Student Life Coordinator, whose vision, leadership and drive brought the Annual ISR Arts Evening to life!

Once again, we are reminded of our motto: It’s Cool to be Good at ISR! The ISR Arts Evening stands as yet another testament to the exceptional talents nurtured within our ISR Community.