Students from Musicbox Oxana successfully participated in “Jugend Musiziert”

We are delighted to share another success story from our in-house music school, Musicbox Oxana, and our exceptionally talented students! 19 students, including ten from ISR, participated in the music competition “Jugend musiziert” in the categories piano four hands and violin with piano duo, reflecting our ISR motto, “It’s cool to be good,” in the best way possible!

Every student from Musicbox Oxana who participated achieved an outstanding first place! Additionally, three duos will now have the opportunity to participate in the NRW State Competition due to their exceptional achievements. We are incredibly proud of the students’ accomplishments and the team at Musicbox Oxana! The entire ISR Family is eagerly anticipating the NRW State Competition.

Congratulations to Julia, Mathilda, Hanru, Sophia, Anna, Emilia, Yihan, Caifei, Peter, Lara, Lucy, Lawrence, Rocky, Ricky, Constantin, Eliza, Hewei, Xixian, and Lena.