Staff Recognition at ISR

Friday, 19 August 2022

At ISR, we strongly believe that an educational institution is not just a building. A successful educational institution consists of people who enrich the institution over many years and make a positive difference, in order to provide a happy, fulfilling, and successful future for our students.

Every year, it is therefore a beloved tradition at ISR to recognize and celebrate the members of our team that have been part of the ISR Family for five or more years. As a tribute, the entire ISR Team gathered today on campus and celebrated 14 members of our amazing team. Our management team – with touching words – handed them a token of appreciation and complimented their efforts and contributions to ISR’s success.

Of all 14 team members, two colleagues have been part of the ISR Family for outstanding 10 years. These colleagues were closely followed by our wonderful School Director, Ms. Lyons, who has been dedicating her heart and passion to ISR for 15 years. Lastly, we honored our Head of University and Career Counseling, Ms. Wacker, who has been effectively guiding our students on their path to success for impressive 20 years!

Whether it is 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, these team members what all contributed tremendously to our success with their dedication, expertise and, above all, their passion of enabling great minds and strong characters!

Thank you, Ulrike, Eileen, Angela, Neli, Megan, Emiko, Lilas, Damian, Dawn, Hannah, Rebecca, Melania, Adrienne, and Karsten for your positive impact, dedication, and passion that you invested into our kindergarten and school life at ISR to provide our students with an excellent international education as well as a passion for lifelong learning. As our motto states: It’s cool to be good!