PSB Sponsor Meeting at ISR

Wednesday, 06 November 2019

PSB Sponsor Meeting at ISR

We had the honour of hosting an event for our cooperating partners “PSB – Partner für Sport und Bildung” yesterday. The sponsor meeting, which was attended by almost 30 members and supporters of the association, was held to discuss current issues within the PSB, to reflect on past charity events and to discuss ways in which to further sports in the region.

The Partner für Sport und Bildung e. V. association has set a goal for itself to support young people from the Rhein-Kreis Neuss region or who train in this region at a high sporting level to pursue their academic or professional careers at the same time. With their commitment financially, materially and non-materially, the partners for sport and education thus open up the way for the young, competitive athletes to have viable options and to pursue sport more fully.

ISR is very proud to be a partner of the PSB and to support young people in their sporting careers. In addition to sponsoring various local clubs and top athletes, our commitment also extends to ISR’s students. In addition to our modern sports hall, a climbing wall, an increased cooperation with the PSV Neuss, which uses the ISR’s sports facility opposite the main school campus, the modernization of those facilities and the new artificial turf pitch, all of which have made a significant contribution to the school’s promotion of sports.

We would like to thank the PSB for its outstanding commitment to promoting sports in the region and look forward to many more joint projects and events.