Our UCC Team at the Rochusclub Düsseldorf

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Our UCC Team at the Rochusclub Düsseldorf

Last Sunday, we had the honour to host a lecture on the topic: “How to Continue After School” at the renowned Rochusclub in Düsseldorf. Interested students and parents were invited to listen to our Deputy Director and IB Coordinator, Mr. Cete and one of our University and Career Counsellors, Ms. Wacker, talk about the various application procedures, requirements, and other criteria that are important to know when applying for universities and colleges both in Germany and worldwide.

Our students at ISR currently have three full-time staff at their disposal in our University and Careers Counselling Department who are dedicated to assist them on their path to their desired universities and to support them in the best possible way with continuous consultation (with their parents) in their development. This process begins in the 8th grade and continues until our students graduate!

The presentation on Sunday served as further enhancement of the partnership between the Rochusclub and the ISR and is expected to be repeated in Spring 2020 for further interested members.

We would like to thank Mr. Hugo, the manager of the Rochusclub, for the great organization and we are looking forward to further joint events!