Our Path to a Greener Future: Zero-Emission School Bus Transportation at ISR

Friday, 18 February 2022

In cooperation with our partner, the Düsseldorf-based transport company Zweelo, our students will now travel sustainably on three routes to school every morning and in the afternoon. Subsequently, we will cut down on more than 4 tons of CO2  emissions within a year compared to the previous transport!

For us as an educational institution, imparting sustainable environmental awareness is an essential part of our ISR school life, which is why our students also deal with these important and future-oriented topics in the classroom. As a school, it is essential for our students to see our environmental efforts first-hand, which is why we recently expanded our rooftop solar panels to lay emphasis on the use of green power in our day-to-day lives.

In addition, our students have the enriching opportunity to get involved in sustainability at their school through various CAS and SLO® projects. They also have the opportunity to engage in interesting experiments in their biology classes, such as making paper from banana peels.

With Zweelo as a sustainably-oriented cooperation partner, we link together in projects that have already been implemented and have had an impact at ISR in terms of improved environmental awareness.

It is our goal to lead by example with our school community, and therefore we are especially pleased to take another step towards a sustainable future with the launch of emission-free student transportation.

Press Release (GER)