Our ISR Community: Strong cohesion despite physical distance

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

At ISR, we are especially proud of the strong parent community that helps shape and enrich our school life. During these times, it is especially important to maintain a constant exchange with our ISR Parent Network! For this reason, all Parent Network meetings with our ISR Management Team take place virtually. This allows families to interact with school leadership, exchange ideas, and for the ISR community to come together virtually. We thank all Class Reps for their participation and are grateful for the positive meeting yesterday.

Face-to-face contact with students is also especially important during this time. In addition to our virtual meetings as well as virtual classes at ISR, our committed Academic Coordinators offer a Zoom Session each day where parents or students can dial in to discuss questions, exchange thoughts, make appointments with class teachers, or simply to meet again virtually after the long time.

All this to say – we miss our parents and students, but we are happy and thankful to be able to keep up the communication virtually!