Looking Back: Cooking & More Summer Camp

Wednesday, 03 July 2019

Last week, for the second time in a row, ISR hosted the Cooking & More Summer Camp led by Ms. Nicole Freitag. Everyday 14 ISR students prepared easy meals for breakfast and lunch and in the process, learnt something new about cooking. The students were shown how to prepare delicious smoothies, healthy lemonade, wraps and cupcakes. Students discovered how fun it was to cook using healthy, child-friendly recipes. Ms. Freitag took the students on excursions to local food markets and bakeries in order to teach them the benefits of eating healthy and to get the children interested in identifying fresh foods.

A highlight of the week was the visit to the Hinkel Bakery, where the students saw how bread was made from mixing the dough to baking it in an oven and then finally having a loaf of bread! After learning such an exciting process they were given an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the traditional Hinkel Bakery. These excursions and lessons were lots of fun and encouraged an amazing team spirit amongst the group!

On the last day of the camp, students invited their families to dinner at Broich Catering in Düsseldorf. There our young chefs demonstrated their skills and what they learned during the week. This included; setting the tables in a stylish manner and serving the food which they prepared together with Mrs Freitag. Mrs Broich-Bruester and her team, who are responsible for catering at ISR, were there to support them.

We would like to thank Nicole Freitag (www.die-kleinen-feinschmecker.de), Ursula Broich-Bruester, Carola Herold, Broich Catering & Locations, Claudia Trapp, Bäckerei Hinkel and Marc Müller for planning and supporting the Cooking & More Camp. We look forward to seeing more aspiring young chefs join the camp next year!