Loocking back: ISR Summer School 2021

Monday, 26 July 2021

“Learning English in the summer is fun while playing games and making new friends” is the motto of this year’s four-week ISR Summer School program.

In the last four weeks, approximately 150 children from kindergarten to grade 8 participated in our exciting ISR Summer School program.

This program not only included interesting lessons in mathematics, science, German, and English, but games and sports, as well. A highlight of any international education is meeting new friends from all over the world.

The mornings were dedicated to lessons, naturally, all in English and the afternoons were dedicated to fun. The afternoon program involved interesting visitors, age-appropriate excursions, and games. Some of our interesting visitors included a clown, who delighted the children with a fire show, a hip-hop trainer, and a trampoline coach.  Our students visited many destinations in our region, such as a farm for young children, an outdoor playground, a trampoline park, and a climbing hall. For rainy days, the organizers of this year’s ISR Summer School came up with something special for the children -racing car simulators placed in the cafeteria. A definite highlight!

We had a very successful ISR Summer School 2021, and now we are looking forward to 2022!

Impressions of the ISR Summer School 2021:

“On the one hand, the varied Summer School program offers a good opportunity to work on learning deficits of the past months in a playful way in the morning. This year, however, our afternoon program focused, particularly on games, fun, and sports. Being able to let off steam outdoors again with their classmates or new friends is something many children have been missing lately,” emphasizes Karsten Baumann, head of the sports department and of this year’s ISR Summer School.