Field Trip to Museum Kunstpalast

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Last Wednesday Grades 4 A and B visited the museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf. They participated in two different guided tours: First one was called “Achtung Kunst-Viren!” (Warning! Art Virus).

During this tour, the students were provided with an overview of artworks from different countries in Europe, Japan and the Islamic art realm. The overview demonstrated exciting signs of cultural transfer and intercultural dialogue.

The second guided tour was called “Chemie der Farbe” (Chemistry of Colors) and showed how artists and painters can turn into chemists and scientists. The old masters of painting have always experimented with different ways of obtaining colour. This time around, it is the students’ turn to try their hand at candle wax painting using elderberry juice, lemon juice and salt.

The whole museum visit showed students that art is in no way boring but a lively experience and an interesting way of expressing oneself.